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  2. UPDATE 6

    GOOD NEWS! We have finished the gateway token confirmations and currently testing the audit consulting tool on a private server. We expect to move it to a TradeQwik or VIVA server and make the tool available to the public within two weeks. image source So here are some quick numbers: Of all the gateway transactions, only 325 could not be confirmed; 515 appeared in TradeQwik as NULL. We are trying to trace these but they are transactions that never made it to the blockchain. There are 840 manual transactions which still need to be confirmed. Sherry is diligently working on matching our gathered information to cross reference with the manual transactions. It may boil down to individual audits which appears to affect a small group of people and not blanketed across all accounts in the TQ exchange. She is also taking a preliminary look at the larger TQ accounts. We must implicitly state that we expect some discrepancies between our findings and what your records may show. In Sherry's words, “It happens in every audit.” Our findings also include the following: By taking the absolute value of the difference (in USD) between balance and audited balance, here is the distribution. total_range count A. Over $50K 15 B. $10K to $50K 20 C. $5K to $10K 12 D. $1K to $5K 31 E. $1 to $1K 702 F. less than $1 477 There are only 78 accounts with a difference of over $1K We expect this number to drop significantly after manual transaction confirmations. Once the consulting tool is ready to publicly launch we will begin posting next steps, laying out a roadmap and milestones we wish to achieve moving forward. Our audit updates will now be limited to announcing the availability of the consulting tool and other audit milestones. From Sherry, Dennis, and I, we are thankful for your patience through this process. Best regards from the audit team, Meredith Loughran (meredith@mjloughran.com) Sherry Dunham (sherrydunham@protonmail.com) Dennis Lewis (dhlewis@greenlight.digital)
  3. UPDATE 5

    To the VIVA and TradeQwik Community There is really not much to announce this week, as we are still going through the information we have and processing other information as it trickles in. Apologies for the delay in posting this update. We have been dedicating time working on these audits six to seven days a week for over a month while still juggling home and work obligations...and we are making progress every day. image source Almost there BTC withdrawal confirmations are nearly done. We hope to finish the deposit confirmations before the end of this week. Once these are verified and uploaded into our consultation tool, it will be tested and we will post the website address to Basecamp, Steemit and on Twitter. Remember, this is so you can see the balances shown by TradeQwik, our audited balances, and the difference between the two, if any, and compare with your records. Additionally, the tool will show all transactions for each currency so you can see how TradeQwik and we auditors arrived at the totals shown. Some have expressed a lack of interest in the company portion of the audit. Just so everyone is aware, this is necessary to determine the true state of each company and its funds: whether or not VIVA and TQ actually have funds necessary to cover customer claims, and in what accounts these funds should be. This is essential to perform any distributions. In my experience, audits may take anywhere from six to eight for a company in a single location with all information organized and at one's fingertips. Unfortunately, this is not the case; but, we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as more information trickles in and we get caught up on the backlog of information. Yes, we completely understand your frustration but we sincerely appreciate your patience. As this update is late and our next update would normally be scheduled only three days from now, we will not post an update this Friday (February 16, 2018), unless we have something new to report. Our community is amazing and speaking for our team, we thank you for your continued support. Sherry Dunham sherrydunham@protonmail.com Meredith Loughran (meredith@mjloughran.com) Dennis Lewis (dhlewis@greenlight.digital) Summary by Sherry; posted by Meredith.
  4. UPDATE 4

    Hello VIVA and TradeQwik Community We have a short update this week as there is not a lot more to share. Currently we are still in the hunting and gathering stage for information pertaining to VIVA Holdings and TradeQwik corporate formations, AR/AP, and receipts. Sherry is steadily working through collecting and organizing fiat transactions as invoices and receipts are submitted to her. Meredith has completed vUSD confirmations which consisted of matching STEEM and SBD deposits and withdrawals. LTC deposit and withdrawals confirmations are complete. Remember, every gateway transaction that the TQE dataset shows is being checked on that token's block explorer. Only then is it marked as CONFIRMED. We do have concerns about the accuracy of the TQE dataset which is why it is imperative that you gather your personal wallet addresses which you've used to deposit or withdrawal from TQE in addition to saving your information (refer to Gentle Reminder). image source Once the gateway tokens are confirmed we will be testing the consulting tool before releasing it to the public. By having your information at the ready, you can easily cross reference your known transactions with our findings. If there are discrepancies then we can schedule a one-on-one review. TradeQwik Server (TQE) Update Our audit team's recent findings show that VIVA Holdings has been paying for the TradeQwik Exchange server. According to the company who provides the TQ servers, they are paid through March 1. We still do not know who has the keys to the server. Therefore, if you did not take snapshots or copy/paste your TQE information, please do it now and spread the word as it is unclear how long payments for this server will be in effect. Whomever has the keys for access to the TQ servers, we ask that you please contact Sherry at sherrydunham@protonmail.com. Thank you. Next Steps BTC withdrawals and deposit verifications will continue through the week Testing of the audit consulting tool after all verifications are complete Launching the audit tool up for our VIVA and TradeQwik community Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday! 🏈 Meredith
  5. To everyone, this is a gentle reminder to save your information off of TQE. TAKE ACTION NOW. Since we do not know who may have access to the TradeQwik servers we highly recommend everyone take screenshots or copy/paste the information in your account. Hold onto it for safe keeping and cross referencing with the consulting tool. We recommend saving the following screens: Account Settings (tab) Copy your login email and VIVA ID number Dashboard (tab) Hide 0 Balances then screenshot or copy/paste all tokens into a word doc or excel spreadsheet. Account History (tab) Copy your Trade History and your Deposit/Withdrawal History From my own experience, I had a LTC transaction pending since November. There is no record of it when I sign in to TQE and since it never reached the blockchain my LTC has “vanished”. I managed to save my Discord message to Enrique with date/time, amount, and address. Please, people, empower yourselves. If you haven't gathered your correspondence about “stuck” tokens DO IT NOW. It will save you time should your account need a one-on-one consult. Best Regards, Meredith Loughran - meredith@mjloughran.com (@merej99) Dennis Lewis - dhlewis@greenlight.digital (@dennishlewis) Sherry Dunham - sherrydunham@protonmail.com (@moondancer762)
  6. UPDATE 3

    To the VIVA and TradeQwik Community This week Dennis, Sherry and I made more progress in the audit. ETH, STEEM and SBD deposit and withdrawal confirmations are finished. We are now progressing through BTC transactions. We hope to finish up with LTC this week and cross referencing STEEM/SBD to vUSD transactions. On Saturday, Jan 20, I received Steve's laptop via FedEx. It is still sealed and in the box since delivery and will remain there until I have explicit directions otherwise. Thank you Kevin Waites. We are working on a chain of custody for William's laptop at this time. image source Basecamp Access If you are a VIVA Crown Holder and wish to be added to Basecamp, please send me the email address you wish to use to meredith@mjloughran.com. I do not monitor Discord regularly enough to check or respond to messages in a timely manner. Community Questions In our last update we had a list of questions that we are seeking answers to. The community on Discord had further questions and we are including them here for posterity as we seek answers to share in future updates. These questions include: Where are the funds that went to NAOME? Where are the funds that went to Chase? Why did Dawn get crypto sent to her Poloniex account? Who is holding her responsible? What’s up with Steve’s bittrex account? How are funds being taken care of on behalf of the users? Founders got paid regularly while funds were disappearing. How does a startup justify this? If you have information which will help us expedite our audit and fact-finding mission, please email us directly. We simply do not have enough time to monitor all channels of discussion. Breaking the link to TQE Last week we had received a panic email from a new member who deposited STEEM to their TradeQwik Exchange account (TQE), which failed to show up in their wallet. I had reached out privately to Joe and Michael about breaking that direct link from TradeQwik on Steemit (@tradeqwik) to TQE. The reason behind this is to prevent loss of funds in transit to an exchange that is currently broken. Thanks to their cooperation and attention, the direct connection is “borked”, as Michael stated. Moving forward, anyone who tries to transfer funds from Steemit to TQE will see their deposits landing safely in the @tradeqwik account. If you have made a deposit after January 24, 2018, a refund can be issued without waiting for your audit. Please reach out to the TradeQwik volunteers on Discord. CONSULTING TOOL We are also making good progress on an online consulting tool that will allow people to consult the results of their audit. This tool, which will be feeding off of a copy of our work database (just so everyone knows that it's not worth trying to hack), will allow people to consult the following data: Their Stated TradeQwik balance - this is exactly what TQ said your balance was on Jan 4th. Their Transaction Balance - this is the sum of all of their transactions. Their Audited Balance - this is the sum of ALL confirmed blockchain transactions plus trades, dividends and confirmed manual adjustments*. This is your ACTUAL BALANCE. A complete history of movements for each currency. *A confirmed manual adjustment is a manual adjustment for contest rewards, courtesy credits, and the like. If a blockchain transaction failed on the blockchain, it is removed from the audited amount, and therefore any adjustments pertaining to that failed transaction are also removed. The tool allows users to filter by Gateway, VIVA and ivX assets. Once we have the audit of the data complete, we will publish this tool on a publicly visible server. Users will then have the ability to consult their data against their personal record keeping and contact us directly if there are discrepancies, at which point we will schedule a one on one. For those of you who may have been previously contacted regarding your account being audited: We realized the former process was too time consuming with inconsistent results which is why individual account audits were placed on hold in lieu of confirming ALL transactions from TradeQwik then using the consulting tool for swift individual audits. This tool is for individuals to view his or her own TQ account. This tool does not include all of the additional work that we're doing. In truth, we are auditing the entirety of both VIVA and TradeQwik companies: ALL VIVA and TradeQwik transactions: including employee salaries, any undocumented blockchain transactions, bank accounts, and other assets. This is extremely time consuming and difficult under the best of conditions. Add to it: working across country borders, across language barriers, various forms of cooperation, and mostly sequestering ourselves to remain focused on fact finding and not the subjective jargon; we hope you understand the enormous amount of time and effort this requires. Please take action Since we do not know who may have access to the TradeQwik servers we highly recommend everyone take screenshots or copy/paste the information in your account. Hold onto it for safe keeping and cross referencing with the consulting tool. We recommend saving the following screens: Account Settings (tab) Copy your login email and VIVA ID number Dashboard (tab) Hide 0 Balances then screenshot or copy/paste all tokens into a word doc or excel spreadsheet. Account History (tab) Copy your Trade History and your Deposit/Withdrawal History From my own experience, I had a LTC transaction pending since November. There is no record of it when I sign in to TQE and since it never reached the blockchain my LTC has “vanished”. I managed to save my Discord message to Enrique with date/time, amount, and address. Please, people, empower yourselves. If you haven't gathered your correspondence about “stuck” tokens DO IT NOW. It will save you time should your account need a one-on-one consult. Best Regards, Meredith Loughran - meredith@mjloughran.com (@merej99) Dennis Lewis - dhlewis@greenlight.digital (@dennishlewis) Sherry Dunham - sherrydunham@protonmail.com (@moondancer762)
  7. UPDATE 2

    To our VIVA and TradeQwik Community I have been tasked with the update of our progress this week and moving forward we endeavor to post weekly updates every Friday. We are progressing steadily through the audit process. image source ETH withdrawals have been confirmed by cross referencing TQ transactions with what has been found on Etherscan from a known TradeQwik wallet address: 0xfbf3b4cd5afb1ac47013bbf4d1ced8019dce353c STEEM and SBD withdrawal confirmations are complete and a spreadsheet of all transfers to and from the Steemit @tradeqwikaccount from inception thru January 17 has been created. A formal request for information has been sent to most of our founders, partners, and persons who have or have been know to have access to master keys, crypto and fiat accounts very specifically asking for a full accounting of VIVA Holdings and TradeQwik accounts. As Sherry, Dennis, and I strive to be transparent in our findings, we want to state that our goal is to be impartial and fair. We expect the full cooperation of everyone involved to help us get you, the community, investors, and early adopters, the answers that we all seek. The numbers Please note that these are our initial findings and we have been as thorough as possible with regards to the withdrawals. “CONFIRMED” means that I was able to match the TQ data to the “ACTUAL” searchable and indisputable evidence on the block explorer. ETH We confirmed 1533.637336 in actual withdrawals on etherscan from 0xfbf3b4cd5afb1ac47013bbf4d1ced8019dce353c. In addition to the confirmed withdrawals, there is also 486.1939113 ETH in actual withdrawals that did not appear in the TQ dataset. We are not posting wallet addresses. These will be addressed during individual account audits. If you have knowledge of any other TradeQwik or VIVA Holdings ETH wallet addresses, please forward them to me at meredith@mjloughran.com SBD and STEEM The following information is fact finding only on the withdrawals. We are sharing this information to be transparent in our findings however please note that this is only a tiny part of the whole story and should be taken as such. In addition to confirmed TQ withdrawals, other withdrawals may include payment for services, duplicate transactions, manual transactions by customer service to customer accounts, movements between currencies, or some other explanation. These will be investigated in depth once alltransactions have been confirmed. Confirmed withdrawals: 1,729.587098 SBD In addition to the confirmed SBD withdrawals, these are actual SBD withdrawals as it appears on SteemD which do not appear in the TQ dataset: 17,861.732 SBD. Confirmed withdrawals: 184,007.6729 STEEM In addition to the confirmed withdrawals, these are the actual STEEM withdrawals as it appears on SteemD which do not appear in the TQ dataset: 68,424.999 STEEM. Basecamp and Crown Holders I have been made aware that some VIVA Crown Holders have been ejected from Basecamp. Let’s address this. VIVA Holdings first subscribed to Basecamp as a way to stay organized and in communication with essential team members. It was opened to Crown Holders as a perk so they could utilize the tools to organize their individual projects. It was also a bridge to communicate directly with Crown Holders until our forum was built. Basecamp became less important as a form of communication once the forum was launched, however, many of the Crown Holders still use it to get updates. The subscription to Basecamp is $1,000 annually and scheduled to expire on June 2, 2018. I have been given owner permissions to Basecamp and will export its data for safekeeping. No decision has been made concerning the future of Basecamp beyond June 2 at this time. If you have been ejected from the utility and wish to be invited back please send your request to meredith@mjloughran.com You must be a VIVA Crown Holder to gain access to Basecamp. All others will be directed to the forum at https://forum.vivaco.in Things to come Our focus this week will be completing the SBD, STEEM, and ETH deposit confirmations before we move on to the other gateway currencies, namely BTC and LTC. I am currently waiting for the FedEx delivery of Steve’s laptop for further discoveries and safekeeping. We hope to provide a chain of custody in a future update. Sherry will be communicating to the respondents of our formal request for information. Dennis is spearheading the development of an online tool to consult audited balances. The elephant in the room The community called us out and we recognize that the words we used didn't accurately express the sentiment that we were trying to get across. Although we obviously work for VIVA, our loyalties in this auditing process are to no one other than the community as a whole. In no way, sense or form are we going to let anything stand between us and the truth. We have never been employees of TradeQwik yet we have been asked to help sort through an immense amount of generated data. Sherry’s contract with VIVA Holdings began in February, 2017 which pays her $800 per month in fiat, though payments did not begin until June. Because of some extenuating personal circumstances, she has not been asked to defer or forgo her payroll. I joined VIVA as a volunteer in February, 2017. My status changed when I began to receive 12 VIVA per day beginning on July 10 which ended on October 16. When approached by Sherry about joining the audit team, I was asked what my salary was, and how I would like to be paid moving forward. I have agreed to be paid beginning January, 2018 at $800 per month with equity shares should the VIVA project rise from adversity. I have also asked that it be deferred for up to six months. To date a formal contract has not been offered or signed so technically I am still a volunteer. I currently supplement my family's income through my personal Steemit account power downs. https://steemit.com/@merej99/transfers Dennis has worked for the VIVA project since shortly before the ICO. Since that time he has only received payment through TradeQwik and always in VIVA assets. Never were his payments in VIVA guaranteed at peg value. Payment of his weekly salary in VIVA ended in October along with most other VIVA employees. In December he received a small payment of under $1000 from Dawn in BTC which was far less than the amount owed him. He also has agreed to be compensated at the same rate as Sherry and Meredith for this auditing work, deferring any payment for the same for up to six months. Let's be clear. The audit began in November as a close to the TQ beta period; which is what we are still doing. VIVA Holdings has agreed to pay for our time working with TradeQwik. Despite this, I strongly believe that we are capable of being unbiased and stick to fact finding. Additional questions which must be asked and answered We need clarification about each entity associated with VIVA Holdings, who is accountable, and who has the master keys and fiduciary and/or administrative and technical responsibilities of these entities. VIVA Holdings LLC Is this currently under corporate protection? Who maintains its forum and server? Basecamp (subscription based paid through June 2, 2018) VIVA.Witness Managed by @someguy123 for 100 SBD per month. Is account current and still operating? Someguy123, please contact Sherry at sherrydunham@protonmail.com TradeQwik - the exchange https://tradeqwik.com Is this under corporate protection? Who are the shareholders or members, executive officers, etc? Who maintains the exchange's server? Who provides customer service and help desk? @tradeqwik - the Steemit account currently in power down mode. Authorized by whom? @tqn - the Steemit account currently transferring @tradeqwik funds. Authorized by whom? @vivacoin - the Steemit account. I, Meredith, have access to the master key but did not create this account. It has low rep with minimal funds. Last transfer of 116.993 SBD to @tradeqwik account 3121281560688057220. Authorized by whom? We are seeking these answers and hope the community and all involved remain patient as we sort through a year's worth of backlog. Ideally we want to freeze all action on the TradeQwik Exchange until our audit is complete but we do not have authority to take this action. This is why we imposed a stop date of January 4 to the data set. We are simply unwilling to chase down transactions in perpetuity. We are also aware that Steemit account @tqn has transferred funds from the @tradeqwik account in the amount of 31,010 STEEM over five transactions. At this time, Sherry, Dennis, nor I know with certainty who maintains the @tqn account. Please contact me at meredith@mjloughran.com so we can open a line of communication and remove all doubt as to the account's caretakers. In conclusion, I would like to add a personal note: The community which VIVA and Tradeqwik was built on is strong and thriving. We hail from different countries, backgrounds, and experiences but the thing that brought us together was a dream of better things for ourselves, for our families, for the communities we serve. It pains me to see this same community ripping each other apart but having come from a dysfunctional family I'm not surprised. In fact, I am encouraged that many of you remain in contact with one another hoping to achieve greater things. Take away the in-fighting and finger pointing and see a community still clinging to...something. Sherry, Dennis, and I are investing a lot of our time and energy to get this done for the community. Frankly, I'd rather be watching football and hockey but here we are. How about working with us to get to the bottom of it? Yours in community and spirit, Meredith Loughran @merej99 Sherry Dunham @moondancer762 Dennis H. Lewis @dennishlewis
  8. Basecamp Posts

    Can anyone mirror some important Basecamp posts here? I've been banned (by Dawn presumably) and as a holder of multiple Crowns, I feel a bit out of the loop.
  9. Current VIVA Situation - Next Steps

    Thanks a lot for this message of he utmost clarity. The first one that sheds light openly for us all to see and reflect upon. Thank you so very much for your courage to jump into this and try to help. My hat goes up to you. As for the rest of the community, I look forward to hearing more about what is going to happen with our funds. Namaste
  10. To the VIVA and TradeQwik community: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - THERE IS A LOT OF INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT It is obvious that the hope and expectations we all have in VIVA have not yet been met by any stretch of the imagination. This reality has caused a slew of rumors and accusations to fly. However, in situations like this, opinions, rumors and accusations do not help. image source We need answers, we need truth, and we need to know where our money is. So, straight to the point. Meredith Loughran, Sherry Dunham and myself have been asked to roll up our sleeves to attempt to get the answers (and money) that we all deserve. Sherry has an Accounting degree with over 20 years experience in the field. Her dedication to the VIVA project has been proven since she joined it over a year ago. Meredith is a social media and community advocate, as well as an active VIVA and Steemit member. Many of you have come to know her as a voice of reason and fair counsel for the health of the communities she serves. Most of you know me as the VIVA Storyteller. I have extensive business experience and have successfully led technical teams for many years. Our Goals Here are our primary objectives in this process: Run the numbers and obtain answers to the hard questions we all have. Request and then secure any and all assets. Communicate our findings with complete transparency via email, Basecamp, Steemit and the forum. The founders, Dawn, Alec, and Steve have significant personal financial stakes invested in this project, as do Joe and Rick, who partnered with Steve in TradeQwik. Craig, the acting CEO of VIVA for several weeks also has invested a considerable amount into this project. All of them have a vested interest in seeing VIVA and TradeQwik survive and thrive through these difficult times. Let's not forget you, the VIVA and TradeQwik community, who have invested your time, money, and faith in the project. We all deserve better. Here is a list of exactly what we propose to do: Dennis will be the leader of this effort and will have ZERO access to any funds. Sherry and Meredith will act as custodians for all funds and other assets. Funds will not be released for any reason without a consensus approval between the three of us. Additionally, ledgers of these accounts will be published on a regular basis, to ensure transparency and honesty. Steve has agreed to answer all questions and make himself available to us and the community. A request will be presented to Joe and Rick to transfer exclusive access of all VIVA and TQ funds to Sherry and Meredith until our audit is complete. To ensure transparency, all funds recovered and held by us will be accounted for and published with weekly updates. Crypto tokens will be searchable on their respective block explorers. A request will be presented to Alec for the paperwork with regards to Galaxy Vault. A request will be presented to Alec to account for the VIVA ICO funds which he had possession of and managed. A request will be presented to Dawn to account for any VIVA funds which were in her possession and managed. A request will be presented to Steve to account for any VIVA funds which were in his possession and managed. A request will be presented to Joe and Rick to account for any TQ funds which were in their possession and mananged. We will build a database that will allow people to check their stated and audited balances by using their VIVA IDs. No names or emails will be published publicly. This database will include all transactions occurred up until the 4th of January. We will audit all Tradeqwik accounts. We have identified an initial number of 1257 accounts. Our discoveries and accomplishments through this process will be posted weekly through our official channels: email, Basecamp, and Steemit. Links will be provided on Facebook and Twitter in order to reach the broadest audience. • • • PLEASE NOTE: Though we have requested the recuperation of funds and information regarding funds, we cannot force anyone to comply, nor will any of the three of us. This is not within our power, nor the scope of this audit. We can only hope that all concerned parties will collaborate. Rest assured that we will openly disclose any lack of cooperation. • • • Here are some of the questions we plan on answering (not necessarily in this order): How much money has been and can be recovered? Were company (and/or) customer funds (combined with) personal funds? Who were receiving salaries, how much were they, and how were they paid? What were VIVA's legitimate business expenses? What were TradeQwik's legitimate business expenses? Were customer funds mismanaged? Were company funds mismanaged? Was there a bug that was causing Tradeqwik to lose money? If so, how much was lost and who benefitted? Did anyone erroneously take or receive funds? Please understand that this is going to take time and effort, but we have already begun to make progress. During this process we have decided to separate all accounts into 4 groups: PARTNERS - all those who have had, at some point in time, an equity stake in VIVA or TQ or considered themselves to have had one. This group includes Dawn, Steve, Alec, Joe, Rick, Dr. Padilla, Craig, Emmanuel. If we can identify direct family members of these people, they will also be included in this group. EMPLOYEES - everyone who has at some time received a salary from VIVA or TQ. CUSTOMERS - everyone else SPECIAL - test accounts, internal accounts, market bot, etc. We have also decided to separate all assets on TradeQwik into the following groups: Gateway currencies (gVX) - BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, STEEM, SBD, GOLOS, USD, MXN Non-Gateway currencies (iVX) - All the BITCOIN, ETHEREUM.... Viva Assets - VIVA, Crowns, TREASURYRIGHTS,... Here is the data that we've been able to discover up till this point: Total Number of Accounts by Type: PARTNERS - 9 EMPLOYEES - 14 CUSTOMERS - 1228 SPECIAL - 6 As we review accounts some may be reclassified, but this is the initial data and gives you a pretty good idea of the scope of this endeavor. Of the total CUSTOMER accounts here is how they break down by STATED balance in total gateway currencies: Over $50K: 1 $10K to $50K: 3 $5K to $10K: 4 $1K to $5K: 14 $1 to $1K: 737 less than $1: 469 Please understand, these are the stated balances on Tradeqwik - they have not been audited yet (and may be slightly or grossly understated or overstated). Here is how the total stated balances of gateway currencies break down by account type: CUSTOMER 196,094.6717352558877600 USD EMPLOYEE 48,401.4792901158107400 USD PARTNER 765,817.7769339847429400 USD SPECIAL 330,359.7383111150321800 USD These amounts have been calculated using the last market prices in the database, so take them with a grain of salt, please. This initial review leads us to feel optimistic in stating that when this whole mess blew up there were sufficient funds in TradeQwik and VIVA accounts to cover all customer funds. We have also begun to put into place a clear process for auditing accounts. Fortunately, all trades are in the database and we now understand how to account for them. However, deposits and withdrawals in gateway currencies MUST be confirmed manually on the blockchain. That will be our next effort in this process. In this effort, as a team, we do not work for VIVA or TradeQwik or any of their respective owners. We are doing this for the community. We believe that right now we need clarity before anything else can or should be discussed and we promise to let the numbers speak for themselves. Hopefully, you agree. Best Regards, Dennis Lewis - dhlewis@greenlight.digital Sherry Dunham - sherrydunham@protonmail.com Meredith Loughran - meredith@mjloughran.com *posted by @Meredith with permission from Dennis. Also posted in Basecamp and Steemit
  11. In light of recent events I do not see a way for me to carry on in an effective manner to help remedy the current situation while holding a position with VIVA or Galaxy Vault. I have not been paid in over a month and need to move on and find employment elsewhere to support myself and my family. I am truly sorry things transpired as they have over the past few months with this project. I truly believed in the vision of VIVA and gave the project everything I had over the past 6 months or so. I believe that blockchain has the potential to change the world in powerful and positive ways and will continue to pursue a career working with blockchain technology projects. Unfortunately this project is no longer a viable option for me financially at this point in time so I am officially resigning my position with the company. I will continue to cooperate in any way that I can to help resolve any outstanding issues as a volunteer from this point forward. I too am a crownholder, so I want to continue to support the community in any way I can unofficially. I want to be clear that I never had access to any customer or company funds at any time during my engagement with VIVA or Galaxy Vault. Thank you all for your support over these past six months. I know we all wish things had turned out differently. Sincerely, Domenic Thomas
  12. If you are a VIVA Crown Holder...

    i am a crown holder and missed this transition from basecamp to this forum. Can someone please add me and also can someone confirm this forum is where we keep up to date as opposed to basecamp?
  13. Tradeqwik Scam

    Thoughts on this? Q/A going on right now.
  14. Interesting Cryptocoins to invest

    I tend to follow the ones coming up relating to the Bitshares family as their support is the most powerful one on the planet right now. To boot, it is also the fastest platform designed on Graphene as well as being infinitely scalable. things could be worse that way. Thus, I am already involved in Bitshares, Steem, EOS, ZEPHYR, ERISTICA and the family. The Earthcoin being backed up by a monumental amount of money from indigenous funds. From there, I can't help but think that we should have a strong and independently driven evaluators keeping an eye on the good prospects rising. Thanks for the opportunity to share on this topic, this is an important subject to tackle. Namaste
  15. Do you know a undervalued crypto? Or a new one that's very interesting? We know Viva is the best, but why not to extend our portfolio? Feel free to put here your thoughts…
  16. Hello, If, like me you want to better understand hyperledger, the blockchain VIVA will use, there is an eDx MOOC about it https://www.edx.org/course/blockchain-business-introduction-linuxfoundationx-lfs171x All the best,
  17. If you are a VIVA Crown Holder...

    Thanks for the note Meredith, I go check it out right now! Namaste
  18. Maybe you can speak more of the growing VIP accounts thanks to transaction fees, or the VIP is a speech more VIVO (non-business) oriented?
  19. If you are a VIVA Crown Holder...

    I didn't see any invite so I have requested to join.
  20. Great stuff! There are a few typos still though.
  21. Why the Viva Network is Unique for Businesses

    It's all reads good and is very easy to understand and get to grips with how Vivaconomy works. 👏
  22. This is some content we are getting ready for our launch, please give me feedback on how clear it is, I am keenly aware we have a highly technical language in this industry. You will be hearing from us in a big way next year 😎 What is unique about the VIVA network for businesses? Proof of Authority The VIVA network was designed to address many of the flaws that were inherent in “Proof of Work” (POW) blockchains like Bitcoin and “Proof of Stake” (POS) blockchains like Ethereum. Our network is called “Proof of Authority” and in order to write on the VIVA network you must purchase a Crown. A Crown is a digital asset that gives you, the holder, authority to transact on the VIVA blockchain as a business as well as mint new VIVA tokens. It is equivalent to a software license. Stable Digital Asset Businesses that are looking to utilize the power of a peer-to-peer global distributed network for storage, networking or computing transactions will find the VIVA network a superior solution for their company's needs. First of all, our base token, VIVA, which is used for all transactions on the network, is a stable digital asset that orbits around a peg that is voted on each quarter by all current Crown Holders. The network then increases or decreases the amount of VIVA in circulation to ensure the peg price is maintained within plus or minus 10% of that target. Currently VIVA tokens are priced at the equivalent of $10 USD. This allows companies to avoid the volatility and extreme price fluctuations that we are seeing in the market with other inflationary cryptocurrencies and can accurately budget their database needs into their planning with a stable token price. Instant Transaction Times All transactions on the VIVA blockchain are done instantly. Bitcoin currently has transaction times that are up to ten minutes, and a backlog pool of transactions that continues to grow. The VIVA network can process transactions instantly because ALL transactions by Crown Holders operating Mints (what we call businesses on the network) are backed by the network at the time of the transaction. The VIVA network does not write transactions to our blockchain, we write Mint balance summaries to the VIVA blockchain once a week. Each Mint has its own blockchain in the network for their transactions, and settlement between Mints is done weekly and those summaries are recorded on the VIVA network once consensus is reached. One winning computer node in our peer-to-peer network that solves the algorithm for the shortest path to settlement between all Mints first is awarded a new Crown each week. Designed to Prevent Consolidation The core VIVA design was created to prevent centralization and consolidation like we have seen with Bitcoin and all mining of new tokens being done in China because of large server farms and subsidized energy from the government, as well as rich users buying up and dominating proof of stake networks and forcing forks like we have witnessed with Ethereum and others. With VIVA, all Mints start out forked with their own blockchain balances each week and work to consensus and settlement at the end. Please see VIVA's chief architect, William Banks excellent article “Game of Chains” for a more in-depth analysis of these two fundamental problems in current blockchain network designs here. Treasury Right Taking the best from modern capitalism, the VIVA network models the Federal Reserve system. Each Crown Holder, is given a Treasury Right (TR) each quarter for each Crown that they hold. The Treasury Right is their authority to mint a certain about of VIVA tokens based on the supply needed to maintain the price of VIVA. If they are operating a business Mint on the network, they can use these tokens to pay individual Worker Nodes for processing their business transactions on the VIVA network and offset their expenses. If a Crown Holder is not running a Mint (business), they have two options. One, they can sell their Treasury Right (TR) to a Mint that needs more VIVA tokens to cover transaction costs of their business operations beyond what their Crown(s) cover or two, they can sink the value of their Treasury Right into their savings account... what we call VIP for VIVA Investment Pool. All new VIVA tokens that are minted into the system are borrowed from this savings pool and interest is paid daily. Built In Social Responsibility In addition to a powerful unique blockchain network, VIVA has designed a whole new economy into the system to benefit users around the globe in what we call the Vivaconomy. Unlike other networks that require expensive and complex computer equipment to participate, any user with a computer or device can connect to the VIVA network and dedicate unused computer processing power to earn VIVA coins effortlessly. We call these users Worker Nodes and their computers can serves as a powerful revenue stream for completing transactions on the VIVA network. This will radically shift the quality of life for people throughout the world, giving them new financial power in a time when technology is replacing jobs at a staggering rate. Rare and Valuable Digital Asset As there will only be 42,000 Crowns ever created in the VIVA network, these digital assets will increasingly become rare and valuable. Unlike times in the past, anyone with an interest in business and shaping the future of this balanced economy can own a Crown, you don't need a special birth or royal decree to take part in it.
  23. I just bought 2.1 VSS Anyone else bought some VSS too ?
  24. Documentation on how to use TradeQqwik

    The wiki to add the howtos is ready: https://viva.frama.wiki/start
  25. VIVA Assets Offer

    Updated after some sales: 4 VIVA Crowns (Would need to be part of whole account transfer) 1 TR 1181 VIP 13 TQS
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