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    Thanks for the warm welcome @Meredith although my kids might disagree with you on the tolerance for shenanigans part I'm afraid i'm not going to be here much this weekend as it's my daughters birthday tonight so we are going out to celebrate and I have meetings over the weekend that require a bit more planning and a fair bit of trvelling. Have a great weekend everyone.
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    I agree with what's said here. I'd like the fee to come out of the coin I use to pay for something, not the something I paid for. Supreme's loaf of bread analogy is a good one. I get that it's not the highest priority right now, but would be good to add to the list of things to overhaul for TQNext.
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    some contributions by @decibel - regarding the example of a cafe´
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    This is a follow on to https://forum.vivaco.in/index.php?/topic/130-a-next-step-beyond-manual-viva-payments/. That post discusses how to incent B2C (business-to-consumer) businesses to start handling Viva. But what about B2B (business-to-business) businesses? The critical point here is that smart contracts could be a game changer for B2B transactions. Especially if there were Viva credit facilities available to help fund new businesses.
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    This is a follow-on to https://forum.vivaco.in/index.php?/topic/128-why-payroll-is-not-a-good-place-to-start/. It would be good to read that first. So if payroll is too lofty a goal, what should we focus on for enticing businesses to use Viva? I think payment processing would be a really good starting point. If you look at https://squareup.com/pricing, you'll see they charge a ~2.5% fee for credit card transactions. More from discord (second quote is from Joe): (one more post to follow)