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  1. Great stuff! There are a few typos still though.
  2. Nominating people

    I also pledge an AR to JT Streetman, and also to FBA( freebornangel). To JT for all his contributions, his plans to others, and his financial need. To FBA for his fight for the less fortunate, against exploitation, his financial need, and for being a valuable asset in the Viva community.
  3. What is TradeQwik.Eth?

    I see you and double. 40 Viva. I dare you to beat it!🙂
  4. Geschäftsidee VIVA BAR - Cafe´- Bistro

    Ich verstehe ein bisschen deutsch, aber ich kann nicht so viel sprechen. Aber ich will gern besser lernen. Ich komme aus Norwegen,aber ich habe seit lange im Schweden gewonnen, das stimmt.
  5. Geschäftsidee VIVA BAR - Cafe´- Bistro

    Ich denke, es ist eine großartige Idee, und ich habe dasselbe gedacht. Vielleicht könnte es auch eine Kette oder ein Franchise sein, oder hast du nur an ein lokal Café oder eine Bar gedacht?
  6. I didn't initiate a withdrawal. Why do I keep getting emails?

    Don't worry,it's just a glitch, everyone has been getting those,you can ignore it.
  7. Frequent TradeQUICK withdrawl confirmation notices

    Hi Jen, don't worry, it's just a small glitch. Many people have asked, and the answer is, just ignore those emails.I can't remember what caused it, but it has been explained by William in the trollbox.
  8. Keep it simple for the general user?

    I agree, it's a lot to digest, but at the same time all these changes seem to be unavoidable, as nothing like this has been done before, and dynamic adjustments are needed. So for now we should just try to keep everyone informed using the forum. We should make a guide, but it should be made clear that things might change again.
  9. But maybe people could team up, and buy VSS to start a mint.
  10. Willkommen! :) Wer spricht hier Deutsch?!

    Ich kann ein bisschen deutsch sprechen, und ich wollen gerne mehr lernen.
  11. Hmm, I hope it's not quite as bad in regards to GPU mining, as I have just invested in compnents for a new gaming computer with some GPU's. I don't know how it will turn out, as one component was defective, and had to be returned. It has an amd ryzen threadripper, a really good CPU, and there are some options that are profitable for CPU mining, especially monero. But I plan to support scientific research later, with Gridcoin, and maybe join the nexus earth mining pool.