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  1. Hello, If, like me you want to better understand hyperledger, the blockchain VIVA will use, there is an eDx MOOC about it https://www.edx.org/course/blockchain-business-introduction-linuxfoundationx-lfs171x All the best,
  2. I just bought 2.1 VSS Anyone else bought some VSS too ?
  3. Documentation on how to use TradeQqwik

    The wiki to add the howtos is ready: https://viva.frama.wiki/start
  4. VIVA wiki

    The white paper is ready to be updated, both in French and English : http://viva.frama.wiki/start
  5. Bonjour, Le livre blanc VIVA coin est disponible en Français sur Steemit : https://steemit.com/fr/@chrisaiki/vivacoin-livre-blanc-en-francais-sommaire ou sur le wiki http://viva.frama.wiki/french Cordialement,
  6. How much do you pay electricity in Baja DC ? (This is the Solar coach founder who is asking the question, I am always interested to know the price of electricity in any country) When is the limit date to purchase VSS ?
  7. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/swiss-fintech-investor-day-2017-tickets-35651308022
  8. Hello, I am looking for people to help me to translate the whitepaper en French https://steemit.com/vivacoin/@chrisaiki/recherche-de-traducteur-anglais-francais-volontaires-pour-le-livre-blanc-de-vivacoin Can VIVA offer 1 VIVA to the people who are translating 1 page ? Can Tradeqwik upvote their translation page on Steemit ? Thank's
  9. Minting for Dummies.

    Then does it cost a TR to unmint ?
  10. What is ivX and gvX?

    Does it cost a TR to mint an iVx ? Is STEEM an iVx ?
  11. General Discussion thru November 12

    But I need a list of Steemians who are accepting @solarcoach comment, once a week. https://steemit.com/solar/@chrisaiki/i-need-a-list-of-steemian-who-are-accepting-1-solarcoach-comment-per-week
  12. We must move quickly to secure funding for girls' education https://plan-international.org/#
  13. General Discussion thru November 12

    Solar coach is using our Steem power to produce renewable energy !!! https://steemit.com/solar/@chrisaiki/solarcoach-is-using-our-steem-power-to-produce-renewable-solar-energy
  14. VIVA elevator pitch

    ahah ! very courageous to send the first proposal. I think we still have a lot of work... "Vivacoin makes profits from transaction fees and other blockchain businesses. We use this money to build a worldwide central bank, Our central bank issues new money every quarter. Do you want some VIVA ?"
  15. What are the expected incomes of a worker node for the three first months ?