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  1. In light of recent events I do not see a way for me to carry on in an effective manner to help remedy the current situation while holding a position with VIVA or Galaxy Vault. I have not been paid in over a month and need to move on and find employment elsewhere to support myself and my family. I am truly sorry things transpired as they have over the past few months with this project. I truly believed in the vision of VIVA and gave the project everything I had over the past 6 months or so. I believe that blockchain has the potential to change the world in powerful and positive ways and will continue to pursue a career working with blockchain technology projects. Unfortunately this project is no longer a viable option for me financially at this point in time so I am officially resigning my position with the company. I will continue to cooperate in any way that I can to help resolve any outstanding issues as a volunteer from this point forward. I too am a crownholder, so I want to continue to support the community in any way I can unofficially. I want to be clear that I never had access to any customer or company funds at any time during my engagement with VIVA or Galaxy Vault. Thank you all for your support over these past six months. I know we all wish things had turned out differently. Sincerely, Domenic Thomas
  2. Yeah mining has really become a wealthy person's game and very risky. ASICs dominate Bitcoin and Litecoin, Dash, most of the big coins. You can still do GPUs with Ethereum, Zcash and some of the other minor proff of work coins, but again, It's quite time consuming and you almost have to guess right to mine the right coin.
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    Very Cool!