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  1. I recall seeing posts about Viva reaching out soon to accredited investors. I'm guessing there is a definitive link between the amounts of VIP needed and bringing accredited investors on board.
  2. New investors and new traders can make big mistakes when they neglect to factor in the emotional side of this game. Someone can paper trade in a practice account all day long and think they're good to go; but, the first actual investments involving money and time are completely different from pretend play time. The excitement is real. The fear can cause insomnia and physical symptoms. Anxiety can cause loss of purpose and focus.
  3. What's your favorite quote?

    "Go to the ant, you lazy one. Observe it's ways and become wise." Nobody tells ants to get stuff done. They automatically get up, get going and they do not stop. There is no observable boss telling them to work. They might not be the brightest critters but they are among the most successful species on Earth.