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  1. What if I have a pet spider that I always keep with me? What if I am a spider?
  2. Initiative for digital finance

    That sounds about right. Not sure how that statistic was obtained, since it might include children as well, and there is the fairly common case where two people use the same account (most often when they are married) Having lived in South Africa for a long time, I can confirm that there is a large section of the population there that do not have bank accounts, and I suspect that holds across many other countries in Africa, and the rest of the world.
  3. Viva Dreams

    I also want to have a residual income, and the opportunity to pursue some of my interests. @Meredith I also have a child who most likely has ASD (she has not had formal testing yet, but she is on the waiting list). I also worry about her and my other daughter's future. (they are 3 and 10, so there is still a lot of time for them to grow as their own human beings)
  4. My understanding is that Viva does not get mined as such, although there is a plan to introduce worker nodes which will provide an income in Viva (they will basically rent out resources on your PC for those that want to use them).