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  1. AR

    How is the number of AR per crown determined? Is it equal to the number of TR?
  2. VIP Drawdown

    In order to enter retirement mode you need a minimum quantity of VIP (8760, 11??). The # for this question doesn't really matter as it can change. For the sake of this question I will use 8760. Let's say I have 10,000 VIP and start retirement mode. Each day 24 are converted to VIVA. Eventually there will be a day where I cross to under 8760. When that happens does retirement stop or does it continue all the way down to 0?
  3. VIVA for CPA's

    Isn't Ireland where all the large companies set up HQ's so they don't pay taxes?!!
  4. VIVA for CPA's

    Another issue many of us will face is explaining VIVA to our accountants. Even if they've heard of Bitcoin and some of the other crypto/alt currencies they probably haven't heard of various VIVA thingees (I have no idea what word to use here), e.g., crowns, TQS, VIP, VIVA, etc. I'm thinking that we should come up with a document (no more than a page or two) that we can give our accountants to help them understand what these "thingees" are so they can figure out how they should be accounted for for tax purposes. Also would like this thread to be where you can post feedback on related issues: 1. How your accountants have handled this, questions they have, etc. This can then be added to the above document. 2. How are you managing all the data - contributions/withdrawals to TQ, dividends, trades, etc., to calculate your profit/losses for taxes.
  5. 1. How would AR's be considered from a tax perspective? 2. Are they dividends / revenue / income? Do we ourselves have to pay taxes on the amount gifted (I assume the IRS would see we took possession of it first)? 3. When we gift them can we write them off as a charitable deduction? I assume if the recipient is already registered as a non-profit then that should be yes but what if it's to an individual? - Bruce
  6. Got VIVA Crown Questions?

    It's now $10.