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  1. Bitcoin breaks the $10K ceiling

    I was saying six months ago, 8K by Oct 31st, 10K by xmas ... Late on 8, early on 10... Looking for minor pullback and then slow, steady increase ...
  2. General Discussion thru November 30

    Proud of you ! /empathy /hugs !
  3. Is whiskey in my coffee a bad thing...

    /Cheers ! To your health !
  4. Yep, nice to meet you too ..This is all great "Grist for the Mill" .. Personal chat w/ you soon ! yes ... Iron Heel is another great one ..
  5. General Discussion thru November 30

    Gratz ! hope you are getting some much needed rest !!
  6. Why payroll is not a good place to start

    Personally, I operate on the premise that any business can be converted to utilizing Viva as long as the business is viable in the first place. Until the mechanics of a Mint can be explained with certainty and the software can be taken for a test drive, pretty much all discussion is a moot point. At this time. However, this being said, I believe any discussion is a good one. If there are no good questions, there will be no good answers. As soon as we have schematics, we can hire architects to construct blueprints. Once phase one is completed we can move on to phase two. At this point anything and everything is possible, we will exclude possibilities as we evolve the premise. We all learn from discussion, please continue.. JTS
  7. I'm sorry for the belated reply. I have tried to read this ... but I am so involved in other matters, I can't seem to enjoy this as much as I would like to. I feel like I need to read this, so will as soon as I can get to it.. and TY for sharing this. So many good books, so little time ...lol ATm I am still neck deep in Dostoevsky's "The Idiot" .. on the fourth reading I am still as of yet, unsure as to my sentiment .. having grown up with and being a life long reader and believer of R.A. Heinlein .. I seem to have complications believing in a "simple" philosophy ... Especially considering the implications that are derived from the latter works of Tolstoy coupled with being a diehard fan of Jack London, and yes, (Of course) have been a "Dickensian" for many years. And speaking of being a sociopath, throw Animal Farm and 1984 on top of that ... lol ! I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it ... JTS
  8. Nominating people

    Hello @ All ... I wish I were or could be more articulate .. From what I know or understand of both Sherry and Meredith, I can attest to the value that both are contributing not only to the VIVA project but to humanity itself. They give me strength and hope for a better future that I believe that we all want to see and are working to build. IF you believe that we can in fact deliver new methods to solve the problems that plague humanity, then invest in these people. They are our best hope for the future, and I will do all that is in my power to see and contribute to their success. Help me help them. JTS
  9. From what I understand, Both A & B are correct ... 1 VSS = Rackspace rental + Services included for 1 mint or 1 server per month. Yes, paying with 1 VSS locks in that price per month. * Operational cost, Hosting & support are included, not the cost of the server.
  10. There is one little caveat though: a Crown Holder or mint can purchase as many VSS tokens as they desire but the maximum discount which can be extended per mint per month is 100 VSS. So, you are saying that regardless of the amount of VSS you have, you can only use 100 VSS a month. If 1 unit of rackspace is 1 VSS per month & holds 1 server, thats 100 servers (rackspace) you can use VSS on per month. So thats $10K per month + Server cost. OR 1 VSS per rackspace per month + 1 server cost (And YES, the cost of rackspace includes Pro services) Please correct me if I am wrong ...
  11. So, are you saying the VIP Reqs (To operate a Mint) will be reduced from 876,000 VIP to 8,760 VIP, IF utilizing the DC ... OR to (Launch / Start) a Mint, IF utilizing the DC ? I think that is what is causing the confusion.
  12. Tradeqwik has a dubious unprecedented policy

    I agree with everything he said. However I did not like the term dubious in large bold lettering. There are more than one definition of dubious and from the context and presentation I see it as a very disparaging and slanderous remark presented as if it were a warning to new users ... The title could have been presented in a less accusatorial manner. jus sayin ...
  13. Tradeqwik has a dubious unprecedented policy

    Tradeqwik has a dubious unprecedented policy I think this should be deleted. I have no problems with people commenting, but to create topics like this should not be tolerated. Feel free to delete this as well.
  14. One of my Fave books, I can almost quote it. I have had the Audio book for about 7 years and listen to it at least once a month. There are some amazing concepts here ... Freedom ... to do your best and create value without being a "slave". It is my opinion that this was on par with Gene Rodenbarry's vision of humanity that he demonstrated with Star Trek. Personally I believe "Next Gen" is a better explanation of his philosophy.
  15. Veterans Day 2017

    I am very lucky, I get to do something nice for someone everyday. Working on doing more. About 10 years ago I decided to adopt a saying I heard somewhere. When someone calls or ask "What are you doing?" I say, "Not enough". That leads the conversation in a direction to help others. It is amazing to me how many times friends have said, "Hey, I will help you do that"... Had I lived close enough, I would have been helping @lexikon082 split and stack wood. " 'Cause it's the right thing to do"