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  1. What is TradeQwik.Eth?

    Frank, you're a genius! Regards awesome! I don't have a lot of time right now. Please send me instructions on how to donate & how to nominate someone for a crown via my email. I would like to donate. Thx!
  2. VSS Tokens: What Are They?

    I've received several questions about the VSS Tokens. Possibly, others have the same questions. If anyone can answer these questions, please help us all understand what the VSS tokens are and how they can be used.1. Is this token reusable? If I buy it, do I get one month every month of server usage? Or is this token worth just one month, and that's it?2. If I am fully capable of buying, setting up, and running any sort of server, and the mining/other software required and plan to operate a VIVA Mint on my own server and equipment, does the VSS token carry additional benefits? Or, is the VSS token strictly for those who do not have the equipment or knowledge to operate the equipment required to operate a VIVA Mint?3. What risks, downsides, or problems might arise from buying this token? What benefits would be available to offset any issues?4. If I purchase VSS tokens and my VIVA Mint is on the VSS servers, do I operate my own Mint, or is the Mint operations managed for me as well? Or, is this simply the physical infrastructure, and I operate my own Mint remotely?5. If only a certain amount of VSS tokens are available, can my Mint stay on the VSS servers once the tokens have been exhausted?Thank you for your help in understanding this token.