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  1. This is some content we are getting ready for our launch, please give me feedback on how clear it is, I am keenly aware we have a highly technical language in this industry. You will be hearing from us in a big way next year 😎 What is unique about the VIVA network for businesses? Proof of Authority The VIVA network was designed to address many of the flaws that were inherent in “Proof of Work” (POW) blockchains like Bitcoin and “Proof of Stake” (POS) blockchains like Ethereum. Our network is called “Proof of Authority” and in order to write on the VIVA network you must purchase a Crown. A Crown is a digital asset that gives you, the holder, authority to transact on the VIVA blockchain as a business as well as mint new VIVA tokens. It is equivalent to a software license. Stable Digital Asset Businesses that are looking to utilize the power of a peer-to-peer global distributed network for storage, networking or computing transactions will find the VIVA network a superior solution for their company's needs. First of all, our base token, VIVA, which is used for all transactions on the network, is a stable digital asset that orbits around a peg that is voted on each quarter by all current Crown Holders. The network then increases or decreases the amount of VIVA in circulation to ensure the peg price is maintained within plus or minus 10% of that target. Currently VIVA tokens are priced at the equivalent of $10 USD. This allows companies to avoid the volatility and extreme price fluctuations that we are seeing in the market with other inflationary cryptocurrencies and can accurately budget their database needs into their planning with a stable token price. Instant Transaction Times All transactions on the VIVA blockchain are done instantly. Bitcoin currently has transaction times that are up to ten minutes, and a backlog pool of transactions that continues to grow. The VIVA network can process transactions instantly because ALL transactions by Crown Holders operating Mints (what we call businesses on the network) are backed by the network at the time of the transaction. The VIVA network does not write transactions to our blockchain, we write Mint balance summaries to the VIVA blockchain once a week. Each Mint has its own blockchain in the network for their transactions, and settlement between Mints is done weekly and those summaries are recorded on the VIVA network once consensus is reached. One winning computer node in our peer-to-peer network that solves the algorithm for the shortest path to settlement between all Mints first is awarded a new Crown each week. Designed to Prevent Consolidation The core VIVA design was created to prevent centralization and consolidation like we have seen with Bitcoin and all mining of new tokens being done in China because of large server farms and subsidized energy from the government, as well as rich users buying up and dominating proof of stake networks and forcing forks like we have witnessed with Ethereum and others. With VIVA, all Mints start out forked with their own blockchain balances each week and work to consensus and settlement at the end. Please see VIVA's chief architect, William Banks excellent article “Game of Chains” for a more in-depth analysis of these two fundamental problems in current blockchain network designs here. Treasury Right Taking the best from modern capitalism, the VIVA network models the Federal Reserve system. Each Crown Holder, is given a Treasury Right (TR) each quarter for each Crown that they hold. The Treasury Right is their authority to mint a certain about of VIVA tokens based on the supply needed to maintain the price of VIVA. If they are operating a business Mint on the network, they can use these tokens to pay individual Worker Nodes for processing their business transactions on the VIVA network and offset their expenses. If a Crown Holder is not running a Mint (business), they have two options. One, they can sell their Treasury Right (TR) to a Mint that needs more VIVA tokens to cover transaction costs of their business operations beyond what their Crown(s) cover or two, they can sink the value of their Treasury Right into their savings account... what we call VIP for VIVA Investment Pool. All new VIVA tokens that are minted into the system are borrowed from this savings pool and interest is paid daily. Built In Social Responsibility In addition to a powerful unique blockchain network, VIVA has designed a whole new economy into the system to benefit users around the globe in what we call the Vivaconomy. Unlike other networks that require expensive and complex computer equipment to participate, any user with a computer or device can connect to the VIVA network and dedicate unused computer processing power to earn VIVA coins effortlessly. We call these users Worker Nodes and their computers can serves as a powerful revenue stream for completing transactions on the VIVA network. This will radically shift the quality of life for people throughout the world, giving them new financial power in a time when technology is replacing jobs at a staggering rate. Rare and Valuable Digital Asset As there will only be 42,000 Crowns ever created in the VIVA network, these digital assets will increasingly become rare and valuable. Unlike times in the past, anyone with an interest in business and shaping the future of this balanced economy can own a Crown, you don't need a special birth or royal decree to take part in it.
  2. What people are saying about The Viva Economy

    I sense with the "Paradise Papers" release we will begin to see the unraveling of crony capitalism. I know these times are a bit frightening with all of our iconic institutions imploding before our eyes. Know this, because of blockchain technology a new better system is being built that has transparency built in with what is called triple accounting. This will be the end of crony capitalism and usher in a new era of *Trusted* companies and true capitalism. The Viva Network that we have designed has a unique social benefit, the People are at the center and make up the foundational global peer-to-peer network that companies will build on and pay individuals connected for all their business transactions. All people have to do is connect with their laptop or device and their unused processing power will earn them money in their digital wallet and VIP savings account. So don't stress too much a new evolved trans.parent system is coming soon 😎 #vivadiva
  3. First of all, you don't need to be a mint to accept Viva if you are a small mom and pop store. Once Viva.cash is enabled you can transfer and accept VIVA right to your account. No mint required. Crowns are for businesses that are building businesses that need the VIVA network for storage, compute or networking transactions. If you use the VIVA network to operate, you will need to pay worker nodes Viva, so you will need VIP reserves to cover the ups and downs of the economy. William said if you operate out of our datacenter that cushion requirement can be reduced by two decimal points. Other options include putting Crowns together with others and pooling VIP reserves or letting your TRs sink for a bit until you reach those numbers, or purchasing discounted VIP on TQ. Hope that helps:-)
  4. How to? Introduce someone new to VIVA

    We are working on two introductory videos, one that explains the Vivaconomy to a general user and one that explains the Viva Network to businesses considering blockchain solutions for their company. I have found it really is two different audiences. I will see if I can get the marketing department to let me test market those scripts here. The first one is ready. We are also rebuilding a new website with these two paths to follow on the site, I am hoping it will be easier that way to understand the whole ecosystem and how we are unique.
  5. Congrats to the winners, thanks again for all of your help!
  6. Happy Halloween from Baja!

    Brrr, I miss the snow! (but just for vacations haha) You wear the same winter clothes as we do here Meredith!
  7. This is our creative space in Baja, Mexico:-) Happy Halloween from Team Viva!
  8. Fur babies and other featured creatures

    Yes I think the cats are going to be huge! They are brothers if you can believe it and are not even a year old. Magic is a medium small dog. Her and her sister Miracle were abandoned here at La Mision as tiny puppies. Miracle is now on watchdog training for our office.
  9. What should we call our new forum?

    You got it!
  10. Fur babies and other featured creatures

    These are our fur babies. Magic is the one that barks. Phantom and Tiger purr and play. They are adorable together.
  11. Just realized we can do that. Sweet!
  12. General Discussion thru November 5

    Have you visited our website vivaco.in and have you visited our exchange Tradeqwik.com? Those are great places to start learning more. We have been building a strong community behind the walls of Basecamp and am so happy that we now have a public forum to collaborate and for the general public to start understanding the Viva vision and related projects underway. Welcome Hannah55!
  13. Ballots on private servers is a fundamental flaw in elections. Yes Votabit is needed. Do we have anyone in the community that would be interested in working on moving this business application forward? The trend right now is hand counted paper ballots as a solution. But we all know how ballot boxes have mysteriously landed in the bottom of a river on their way to being counted...
  14. Call for Content

    Yes the forum is a great place to vote on the content for our daily bounty coming! So excited the forum is up!
  15. What should we call our new forum?