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  1. How to? Introduce someone new to VIVA

    Untitled.tiff Here's the error
  2. How to? Introduce someone new to VIVA

    So, he is trying to join the forum here and getting an error that his email address can't be used. (I got the same when I tried to use my gmail address. Him with an MSN one) Can you enable those domains to register for accounts too please?
  3. How to? Introduce someone new to VIVA

    Great suggestions.... Here's the deal.... I invited him here and asked him to join this thread. I'm not telling him ANYTHING! (other than I offered to send him some coins to experiment with on TQ) I want to really see where the walls are that would prevent someone who doesn't know someone from picking things up here. I asked him to "play dumb", this will be a fun experiment that hopefully we can learn from.
  4. Happy Halloween from Baja!

    Here's the view from my office.... You win...
  5. Hi All. I have a friend who I would like to introduce to the VIVAconomy. I'm not sure where to get him started, and the whitepaper would be overwhelming. Any suggestions on where/how to get him started? He would be willing to be a test-pilot if anyone has a "welcome to VIVA" program that they'd want someone with no background to take for a spin. Let me know.... -Craig