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  1. Keep it simple for the general user?

    That sounds like a fab idea. I know that it is all going to be back end stuff but in the meantime we are the ones using it and for example right now I am suddenly finding it really hard to trade or but stuff because of the changes and lack of clarity. I am doing my best trawling about and everyone is under helpful when I ask anything but I think, man if I am striking m struggling how are others coping!
  2. Hey guys. There have been a lot of changes recently and I myself am struggling to keep up with them. I am quite tech literate but find the sands shifting to a degree where I have to trawl for information anytime I want to trade or even logon. (In fact trading has become a very difficult thing with the site in its current format) Can we start work on pushing out information on what is happening on tradequik in a very simple easy to understand way? I have spoken to two other crownholders who have stated they have no idea anymore. Not everyone has time to collate information from various sources. Meredith has done some great stuff compiling the logs of discussions from tradequik but I think we need these further digested and spat out into a palatable easy to understand guide with use case examples. Just my current thinking ;0) happy to hear your thoughts