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  1. Is whiskey in my coffee a bad thing...

    My gramps would say it's never a bad time for whisky in your coffee. He's a very wise man 😋
  2. Why payroll is not a good place to start

    I apologise @decibel I was travelling over the weekend and low on mobile data so kept my comment short. I agree direct payments are a great and simple way to get started and I love the idea of paying for my coffee with viva and seeing it in brick and mortar stores, but the comment about payroll at the end did make me stop and think. Steemit has proved that people will work for crypto, they even brought a lot of new people into the cryptoverse which is why this post made me think of freelancers. More people than ever are turning their hands to freelance work either as a side gig or to get out of jobs they hate. Which makes me think a crypto version of people per hour or fiverr would be a great way to introduce people into the Vivaconomy. Sure people might not want to paid for a full time job in crypto but a hourly gig here and there could be a risk worth taking to those who want to see what crypto is all about. Plus with pleanty of crownholders wanting to start businesses it could be a great recruitment tool for us, without the headache of paying employee taxes (and NI contributions for those in the uk).
  3. Why payroll is not a good place to start

    Some brilliant points here thanks for moving this over. I could see payroll being a big headache for viva businesses especially when it comes to tavx and NI contributions. Perhaps we'd be better looking towards free lancers and the gig economy.
  4. Welcome aboard @phoenixmaid

    Thanks for the warm welcome @Meredith although my kids might disagree with you on the tolerance for shenanigans part I'm afraid i'm not going to be here much this weekend as it's my daughters birthday tonight so we are going out to celebrate and I have meetings over the weekend that require a bit more planning and a fair bit of trvelling. Have a great weekend everyone.
  5. Veterans Day 2017

    Looks like you guys are having a great time. wow the kids have grown since the videos I saw. we call it remembrance sunday here in the uk. while i don't subscribe to the whole "Dulce et Decorum est" attitude we have here I do buy white poppies. which seems a little lame in comparison to doing something nice for your neighbor. Thanks for the inspiration @lexikon082 I'll make it my mission to do something nice for someone this weekend.
  6. Seeking volunteers

    oops i pm'd you about this will send an email now.
  7. Minting for Dummies.

    If you're still a little confused when it comes to minting here is the answer @cryptomancer gave to my request for a "for dummies" breakdown of minting. So, to mint you need some VIVA and after a while you will need a TR (for the next few days William said minting will not cost us a TR; he's got it set to spend his TRs as a kind of gift to us). Minting is the act of converting VIVA into another coin, which under the covers is just really a unit of VIVA that is always worth the same as that other coin. It's an alternative to directly selling VIVA on one of the markets. When you mint, you always get a fixed rate of $9 per VIVA. And minting is instant. Click the button and it's done, you will see your balances updated right away. Let's look at an example of minting to ETHEREUM. ETHEREUM is currently $312.96 per ETH at coinmarketcap.com So say I want to mint 100 VIVA to ETHEREUM. 100 * $9 = $900 worth of VIVA 900 / 312.96 = 2.876 So I will get 2.876 ETHEREUM in exchange for my 100 VIVA Another way to look at it: That is exactly the same as if I had bought ETHERUM for a price of 34.77 VIVA per ETHEREUM on the ETHEREUM / VIVA market. So on the market if the price is above 34.77 you should sell into it. If the price is below 34.77 you should buy
  8. Preston city council took matters into their own hands after government austerity cuts slashed their budget from £30 million to £18 million. I would love to get city/town projects like this working with viva http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/how-one-city-beating-tory-11468663
  9. Looks like the Disney empire will be growing again. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alishagrauso/2017/11/06/21st-century-fox-has-been-in-talks-to-sell-majority-of-company-to-disney/#3e61f1d51b2d
  10. Paradise Papers

    I'm not at all surprised at the companies and individuals being named and shamed, ok so maybe i raised an eyebrow over Queen Elizabeth. Nike https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/06/nike-tax-paradise-papers?CMP=fb_gu Apple https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/06/apple-secretly-moved-jersey-ireland-tax-row-paradise-papers?CMP=fb_gu Queen Elizabeth http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/paradise-papers-queen-offshore-investments-royal-family-duchy-lancaster-estate-millions-tax-a8039636.html
  11. AR requests or recommendations

    I'm sorry I missed that discussion on discord @Joe and @Meredith. Having a list of recipients sounds like a great idea although it might be an idea to grant individuals who have been awarded one the right to opt out of being named publically much like they allow lottery winners to stay anonymous.
  12. Call for Content

    Just a sneek peek of an idea for a collaboration project that I've pitched over in the makers faction club. https://forum.vivaco.in/index.php?/topic/84-collaboration-project-pitch/&tab=comments#comment-250
  13. A couple of weeks ago I suggested on discord that we start a collaboration project for us creatives to sink our teeth into, the idea seemed to go down well with the crown holders who saw it. The idea being to create and fund a stand alone project that could be used to attract creatives and show what can be achieved in the viva economy. So I grabbed a sketch book and note pad and decided to work on a proposal just to get the creative juices flowing and to encourage others to put their ideas forward. I then took these to a fiverr designer who took my very dodgy looking sketches and rendered 5 beautiful characters for a steampunk anime crossover centered around the grandchildren of HG wells' time traveler. This is just a concept proposal to get the ball rolling, although i did make sure to retain the commercial rights to the characters just in case there is a lot of support for this concept. Lets get creative people.
  14. Your opinion wanted: Collaborative work spaces

    My sisters and I have a weekly art session using video conferencing and I love it, but the thought of video conferencing with people i don't know well fills me with dread.
  15. To be honest this is the first time I've paid for anything with BTC directly. But it was an eye-opening experience. While it was fantastic to be able to hand money back to my mum I was annoyed with the gardener's slow response to my request for details to send payment. (If the price had of dropped my mum would have had to pay more out). It turned out the gardener was a BTC noob and hadn't even set up a wallet. I ended up having him and his wife come over for a couple of hours to show them the ropes. For me the experience highlighted the need for a intermediary payment service where customers like my mum can pay in fiat but converts it to BTC for the tradesperson.