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  1. I've been seeing this on craigslist too! I get excited but my husband thinks I'm crazy.
  2. Are worker nodes like mining?

    I need to generate a little passive income so I'm definitely interested in worker nodes. Will it require special equipment?
  3. Noob here !

    I'm new here too! I said hello is general discussions but it looks like I should have stopped here first Lots to learn but this forum looks very clean. I like it!
  4. General Discussion thru November 5

    Hi! I'm new here. I saw the link to the whitepapers but are there any other resources I can visit to learn more about this project?
  5. A good friend of mine said to never, ever, EVER fall in love with anything you put on the market because you'll always lose. Crypto seems to move a lot faster than traditional markets. Maybe it's a perception thing?