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  1. First, fwiw, we offer support on Discord. That's the place for these discussions. Although, Meredith has suggested a TQ FAQ here, which I think would be a good idea, at least until we can put on on TQ. Supreme's concern is valid. I actually agree, in some ways. But there are always two sides to a story. For now, we have deposit/withdraw issues and the UI needs to be dialed in on many levels. Changing policies on things that are working isn't a top priority. Also, there is a challenge in the software that determines which side of the trade the fee is taken from, adding to the complexity. By the way, Rick is in the forums. Look for @instructor2121.
  2. AR's (tax considerations in the US)

    I'm no tax expert, but what I'd expect would be: It depends on who it goes to when determining whether it's a write-off. Church donations are always deductible. In most other cases, it has to be 501c3 For receiving, I would expect that it would fall in the gift category. So the recipient could receive US$10k (or is it more now) from each person and not have to report it.
  3. ASHOG serves the people of La Gonâve, Haiti, providing basic services to children, the elderly, and the disabled across La Gonave Island. La Gonave is one of the poorest and most forgotten regions of Haiti. In the fall of 2015 I was able to go to La Gonâve and take part in some work there. The need was overwhelming. Looking around, there's so much that can be done. Yet it cost money and time that nobody alone could accomplish. As many know, Haiti has been a major charity abuse case. What many don't know is that the largest non-mainland island hardly receives any aid. Even the nonsense we saw after the earthquake might have relieved some of the stress on the island. Instead, refugees came from the mainland seeking help from some of the poorest people in Haiti. The island has been stripped of much of its resources, making resource dependent income very difficult. I explain much of the challenge in my twelve part series from last year, along with a plan that doesn't just relieve the pain, but provides a means to overcome it by building a business that focuses on the locals using their land and becoming partners in the venture. This is completely opposite of other proposals for the island, which basically strip the locals of their property in guarantee of jobs, at least for the short-term. I explain much of this in my series. Here's the final post, mostly because it has links to the entire series. I recommend scrolling down and starting with the first one, however. But it's a long read to go through them all, so do what works best for you, if you're interested. La Gonâve, Haiti - A Vision of Regeneration for a Degraded Land and Impoverished People Here's ASHOG's website. Note that it is a Christian organization, in case that affects your desire to help. https://www.ashoghaiti.com/ ASHOG's Viva ID # is 1425876252009010322. Your ARs could go a long ways toward helping with immediate needs and maybe even provide the means to create a sustainable and regenerative local economy.
  4. Soon we'll be able to gift/assign ARs. Do we have a protocol for submitting candidates? Or do we just recommend projects here?