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  1. Why the Viva Network is Unique for Businesses

    It's all reads good and is very easy to understand and get to grips with how Vivaconomy works. 👏
  2. General Discussion thru November 30

    My first purchase was a playstation VR. I decided after all my time posting I just wanted to buy myself something I didn't need but rather just wanted, and it felt nice 😊
  3. What is TradeQwik.Eth?

    I'll also pledge 20 Viva towards this.
  4. Tradeqwik has a dubious unprecedented policy

    I agree that the fee should be added to the price your paying for whatever coin your buying. It is incredibly annoying to buy 2 coins and end up with 1.95 for example. I do find the fee structure is the wrong way round.
  5. VIVA for CPA's

    Yeah it is. Well they do have to pay taxes it's just a very low rate.
  6. VIVA for CPA's

    Yes this is something that would be very handy to have. I don't even know where I stand tax wise with VIVA in Ireland.
  7. Keep it simple for the general user?

    Everything is changing and moving so fast at the moment I think it's hard for most to keep up. In saying that I do check discord usually at least once an hour and read anything new, so I'm pretty in tune, and taking the little bit of extra time to keep up has for me anyway been extremely profitable.
  8. AR requests or recommendations

    That's a great idea @Meredith We should have a place for crownholders to pitch their business ideas too. (unless we already have one) It would be nice in the future to have a place to go and read through different business and mint ideas for potential investment opportunities by pledging a crown or three.
  9. Do you like the new Steemit logo?

    I think it's ok, do prefer the old one though. I do like the new look of steemit though especially the night mode.
  10. What should we call our new forum?

    I actually just like Viva Forums nice and simple.
  11. Fur babies and other featured creatures

    This is one of my mothers, dogs called BooBoo. She has two wolf dogs aswell must get pictures tomorrow.