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  1. Why payroll is not a good place to start

    In my opinion, I think it's important to look for opportunities to simplify, and reduce barriers to entry. I don't think it gets much simpler than allowing direct 1-1 payments via viva, whether it's for a coffee or a new logo for a website.
  2. Why payroll is not a good place to start

    Full log of Discord discussion is at
  3. This is a follow on to https://forum.vivaco.in/index.php?/topic/130-a-next-step-beyond-manual-viva-payments/. That post discusses how to incent B2C (business-to-consumer) businesses to start handling Viva. But what about B2B (business-to-business) businesses? The critical point here is that smart contracts could be a game changer for B2B transactions. Especially if there were Viva credit facilities available to help fund new businesses.
  4. This is a follow-on to https://forum.vivaco.in/index.php?/topic/128-why-payroll-is-not-a-good-place-to-start/. It would be good to read that first. So if payroll is too lofty a goal, what should we focus on for enticing businesses to use Viva? I think payment processing would be a really good starting point. If you look at https://squareup.com/pricing, you'll see they charge a ~2.5% fee for credit card transactions. More from discord (second quote is from Joe): (one more post to follow)
  5. This was inspired by some discussion on discord. Let me state up-front that I would *love* to see a 100% viva business open up! But I think that's much too ambitious right now. Background: neptun had the idea to open a bar/cafe run by viva: The ATM bit is great, whenever ATMs are easy to come by. William has a neat post somewhere on Steemit about him buying diner with viva from one of the ATMs. In any case, the enormous challenge with this plan is it requires a fully functioning viva economy before it will work. What if we set our sights a bit lower, so things can get started easier? What's the absolute bare minimum necessary for a business to plug into Viva? Answer: direct transfers. With direct transfers (and a little bit of QR-code magic), the cashier could show me their QR code, I could scan it and show them on my phone that the transfer went through. No need for mints, ATMs, or credit cards. All you need is a shop owner who's willing to accept Viva. What about payroll? (First part is me, second part is Joe...) Here's the thing: an owner of a profitable business that's passionate about Viva could accept viva payments because (at least right now) they're going to be a very small portion of revenue. They'll have plenty of fiat coming in to pay their suppliers and other bills (like payroll). But for someone to take a job that pays only in Viva is a massive commitment. Unlike a shop owner accepting a small amount of viva and a large amount of fiat, an employee would be 100% dependent on viva just to be able to live! That's an incredibly hard idea to sell someone on (and if it wasn't I bet Viva Holdings and TQ would have 10x more employees right now). I absolutely look forward to the day when the vivaconomy is so robust that employees have no problem being paid in viva or vX. But we should try to crawl before we run.
  6. Call for Content

    Probably the most expensive doodle ever created!
  7. What should we call our new forum?

    There's already https://agorafinancial.com/ , so that name could cause confusion. I like vivacity.
  8. Are worker nodes like mining?

    Actually, serial communications have always been measured in terms of bits per second, while parallel communication (like those really old 25 pin printer cables) were generally measured in bytes. Presumably because serial meant 1 bit was sent at a time, while parallel meant 1 (or more) bytes went down the wire at once. There are 8 bits in a byte, so you can just divide/multiple by 8 to convert between the two. As for worker nodes, my understanding is that any mint will be able to put tasks up for worker nodes, so it's possible that the hardware requirements will vary.
  9. General Discussion thru November 5

    Looks like anyone can create an event.