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  1. I'm in discord, FBA, and on minds.com/freebornangel, their chat is encrypted.
  2. #steemgigs?
  3. Ah, a reader,.....I've read some Dostoevsky, I gave up on fiction and devoted myself to non-fiction at some point after. My mother was a scifi fan, so I got Heinlein early. Still a fan of S in a SL, but I use Lazarus Long's definition of love each day. 'When you love somebody you put their happiness ahead of your own.' Hmm,....no unquote? or Back? Anyway, doesn't Occam's razor demand one? No way we can hit the masses with tomes, they would use them for kindling sooner than read them. Oh,...quotes,... Have you read this one? https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1164/1164-h/1164-h.htm I understand he was an anarchist, but his prose left me flat. Nice to meet you, JT. My friends call me Angel.
  4. Nominating people

    How do award rights work? If you have a link?
  5. @jtstreetman Have you read this one? http://www.abelard.org/e-f-russell.php
  6. Yes, I agree that Viva is a nail in the coffin of those that rule by force. As the masses realize that money is just there to enslave the havenots to the haves we will begin to know freedom. Today you couldn't get the average moron in the street to even admit that there is a problem with the status quo. They are happy with the NBA and bass boats. You can find more here: https://steemit.com/@freebornangel
  7. Money does not mine minerals. Money does not refine anything. Money does not create consumer goods. Workers do all those things. On any given Tuesday the workers of the world could unite to end wars, poverty, and exploitation by simply refusing to pay for goods. As long as the workers continue to produce goods the goods will be available. Nobody goes into work and checks with accounting to see if their work was paid for, they just go do their job. If accounting fell off into a lake, or took a permanent vacation, the worker would hardly notice as long as the NFL kept broadcasting and beer was in the corner store. Oh, I know, all of you so invested in the system are having your cognitive dissonance alarms go ding, ding, ding, but the facts are the facts, as long as we keep producing goods we can contribute our surplus to what was the big box stores to distribute them to where they were most in demand. It might take awhile to get your Lambo delivered, but when everything is free you could just go there and learn to build your own by building some for others. If you were to join us on Freedom Tuesday by continuing to work, while refusing to pay rent, mortgage, car payments, cellphone bills, credit card payments, or anything else, we could actually experience freedom in a way that has been seen only in small communities prior to this. We will never build retirement communities on the moon if we have to borrow the money and repay twice what was borrowed. We will not populate the planets financing profits. It is only your disbelief in the efficacy of this prescription that keeps the cancer known as crapitalism alive in the world. Stop doing that, eh? Aren't you tired of being the bosses' slave? http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/624
  8. Hello, world?


    Is anybody out there?


    I sure hope the empty halls fill up soon.


    (edit) I thought it ate it, buuut it didn't.