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  1. @Meredith I check Discord more often
  2. Updated your balance, next vote should be 6%.
  3. Alternate TradeQwik Dashboard

    Just posted on Steemit with more info. https://steemit.com/tradeqwik/@shaunmza/custom-tradeqwik-dashboard-free-to-use
  4. If, like me you would like an idea of what your TQS / VIP dividends are worth, you now have a dash where you can get that info! I created a dash that had some of the information I wanted to see. The current USD and BTC price for my 'dust', as well as the approximate USD and BTC value. You need to create an API key and make sure it has the 'balances' permission, here's the info; https://steem.makerwannabe.com/tqdash To use it create an API key on TQ, under 'Account settings', tick 'List Balance' ONLY and click save. Now copy that API key and paste it into the text box on my page, click 'Load balances' This will take a while... All columns are sortable, click on column headings to sort. You can hide 0 balances. William suggested his strategy was to mint the coins with the biggest dips, and destroy the ones with the biggest gains, so you have the 24h and 7 day price changes there too The values for your portfolio are approximations only, based on prices fetched from CMC Have not tested it much on my phone, literally just finished it on Friday. Will be trying to get it to work nicely on my phone later and fix up some simple things I skipped over. Remember, API key must have balances permission only.
  5. To reward people who hold TQS, TradeQwik uses the Steem it has powered up on Steemit.com to vote on the posts of users. To ensure everyone has a chance to get a vote, the number of votes is limited to one per day, per Steemit account. The vote weight is determined by the number of TQS owned, 1% for each full TQS owned, with a maximum voting weight of 20% There is a bot that runs and monitors posts, matches the authors with a database of TQS holders, then attempts to vote on that post at the determined voting weight. This runs 24 hours a day, but please bear in mind that this is a best effort service, network issues, problems with Steemit and / or nodes may cause some votes to fail. Many people have questioned why the vote percentages are not increased, as the TQS account regularly has a high vote percentage. We cannot possibly forecast the days activity with regards to post creation, additionally not all of the TQS has been sold yet. When it has been sold there will still be no way to reliably determine the distribution amongst Steemit.com users. Rather than give something, then take it away (which often upsets people, even when they know it is temporary), the percentages are set at a level that ensures you will not get left out when you post. The voting is however, simply a benefit of owning TQS and is by no means a right. The percentages will fluctuate, and it is ikely that in future other kinds of activity on TradeQwik will affect how the voting weights are determined. If you are on Steemit, own TQS and do not get TradeQwik votes on your post, please reach out to me. I need your VIVA ID and Steemit.com username. Have patience, the process is not fully automated yet. I will add you when I can. I am not a TQ employee, I am just helping out with the bot.