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  1. I've heard Crown fees are waived, so that's not an issue there. But with other coins, yes, I'd like to hear what a TradeQwik admin has to say about this. I still have to advocate heavily for the existence of dividends in the form of "popular coin dust." It's a very interesting dividend, which I think is fair to have. Only, your issues do still exist. I think we will need guidance from an executive about this.
  2. Yes, I think "net coin to purchase" is the best way to move forward as well. That would ensure optimal accuracy, while ensuring that TQS owners get their cut of the most well-traded coins, while not inconveniencing the traders themselves. When Supreme enters a purchase for 2 ENRIQOINs, it should automatically buy 2.01, and charge the amount in Viva accordingly, so that Supreme will end with 2 full tokens, and TQS holders will still get the same dividend amount.
  3. I don't mind TQS dividend type distribution, but I do empathize with Supreme trying to buy those 2 ENRIQOINs, and then seeing 1.99 in their account. If there was a way to ensure that Supreme was to have 2 full coins of the coin they bought, that would be ideal, although I don't mind the idea of fees. Fees are normal, and are to be expected, so the fix would be behind the scenes, so that when you type in 2 coins, you get 2 coins, but perhaps you would be charged for 2.01 coins, as part of the fee structure. There's certainly an important charm to receiving dividends based on the most popular, heavily traded coins, so I would like to see this continue, only, I would also like to see an easier ability to get full coins. However, I expect users to fully understand the terms of the purchase that was made, as shown here: It is clear that there is a fee of 0.01 ENRIQOIN, and such a thing must at this point be manually taken into account, which I personally do myself. I buy in such amounts as to ensure that the fee is always surpassed by my purchase, so that I always have full coins, or however much I want. By doing this, I do not run into this issue. Even so, I think there can be other ways to circumvent this problem. I hope that either users adapt to the system, or the system adapts to the users. Either way, there are solutions present, and I hope that they are utilized.
  4. VIVA elevator pitch

    "So what do you do for a living?" "I work with a basic income company that utilizes money movement from business transactions to build a better world. All the initial investors take home a fair share due to the structure of the system." How does that sound?
  5. What should we call our new forum?

    I'm liking that. It has a professional tone to it, and seems just complex enough to show a bit of intellect, without becoming cluttered.
  6. How to? Introduce someone new to VIVA

    I got a friend involved recently. What I did was send them a token worth about 50 Euros, and told them to have fun on TradeQwik. When they double their money, they pay me back, and then they keep trading. Get people invested. Once they have money there, they'll want to know about the most popular assets, including Viva itself, the Treasury Rights, TQS, Crowns, and the other purchasable assets of the Vivaconomy. So then you get a chance to explain each one, and at some point, they'll probably want to join the Discord, as well as read the whitepaper. As far as being illegal goes? Hahah, wow. Sounds like they've been seriously taken into the cult of government worship. It's not even a real law to make basic-income concepts illegal. To assume illegality for no other reason than it's complex and new, is quite terrifying.
  7. What should we call our new forum?

    I like these fun names, but I think Viva Forums or Viva Community is more ideal. I think simplicity is sometimes undervalued.