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  1. Current VIVA Situation - Next Steps

    Thanks a lot for this message of he utmost clarity. The first one that sheds light openly for us all to see and reflect upon. Thank you so very much for your courage to jump into this and try to help. My hat goes up to you. As for the rest of the community, I look forward to hearing more about what is going to happen with our funds. Namaste
  2. Interesting Cryptocoins to invest

    I tend to follow the ones coming up relating to the Bitshares family as their support is the most powerful one on the planet right now. To boot, it is also the fastest platform designed on Graphene as well as being infinitely scalable. things could be worse that way. Thus, I am already involved in Bitshares, Steem, EOS, ZEPHYR, ERISTICA and the family. The Earthcoin being backed up by a monumental amount of money from indigenous funds. From there, I can't help but think that we should have a strong and independently driven evaluators keeping an eye on the good prospects rising. Thanks for the opportunity to share on this topic, this is an important subject to tackle. Namaste
  3. If you are a VIVA Crown Holder...

    Thanks for the note Meredith, I go check it out right now! Namaste
  4. Nominating people

    Hello to you all Vivos! If I had ARs to give to allow for a few human beings that are only making this place a better one, I'd pledge it to Gary Munsch, a retired carpenter who dedicates his time, equipments and even some of his own material to educate and empower youths and young adults in becoming entrepreneur. I can vouch for his unwavering integrity as well as for his quality of living that is, to say the least, very rudimental. As I spoke to him about my intentions to find funds for his vocational vision volunteering for the betterment of this world, he said he was only doing it because it was his calling, not for the money. On this, I replied "What if you were paid for doing so, would you spit on it!?!" With an obvious grin screaming yes, he humbly said that he would be glad if it were even possible. I told him I'd get back to him on this subject, soon enough, as he is on my plate, the #1 example of selfless humility giving tirelessly to the community of Queen Charlotte Village where I used to live, on Haida Gwaii. If I understand well, the Awarded people would get paid the $538.00/wk for their work or a proportional amount depending on the amount of work they do, maybe??? Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this short proposal. As far as I know him, if their were more moneys going his way, more projects of this nature would take place, including learning sustainable self-reliance in the area where they live through sustainable fishing ethics and sustainable gathering of crabs and shellfish as well as identification and sustainable gathering of berries, plants and other natural resources. Namaste
  5. Are worker nodes like mining?

    That's correct, I held on to the CAP LOCK for too long! As an old timer of the internet and programming, I am familiar with the terminology, thanks a lot for the pointers anyhow though. It can't hurt and its precision is, in itself, appreciated and could easily be worth spreading around too! I look forward to be able to use my computer as a worker node then, any idea when this is going tob e available for us to start working on this? Thanks again! Have a wonderful weekend and namaste
  6. Got VIVA Crown Questions?

    Ok., now that we are officially in touch, I guess my very first question is, outside of waiting, is there anything else I can do with the coins that are dropping into my TQ wallet? I see a load of them have a "MINT" button beside them, I they don't seem to be doing anything... Anyone has an idea???
  7. What's your favorite crypto wallet?

    Otherwise, I choose Bitshares as well. Thanks, namaste
  8. Understanding the two kinds of vX on Tradeqwik

    I have tried to get a hold of anyone related to Viva in the passed 3 months and haven't got an answer till this one... THANK YOU!!! I had tried to get a hold of you through the DISCORD Channel, but to no avail yet... It is so good to feel like I have been heard, finally, it is like coming out of too long a time under water. I'll be visiting this site now that I know I can reach someone here. AWESOME! Thanks again for all your highly valuable work, namaste
  9. Understanding the two kinds of vX on Tradeqwik

    though I own 2 Crowns, I have a very tough time following a lot of what is being talked about, but somehow, it seems to be slowly making its way through... It is such a treat to read these conversations and it makes me more and more excited to be part of the Vivaconomy. All for one and one for all! Thanks again!!! Namaste
  10. Are worker nodes like mining?

    Great answer, thanks a lot! I was also hoping to put my computer to work for us when the time comes for the crew to set me up. My processor is a 3Ghz INTEL Core i7 with a memory of 16 GB/1600 Mhz DDR3 and the internet here is running at a blazing 120 MBS with a capacity of 10 MBS uploads, data cap at 800 GB. Will any of these need upgrade to deal with this as I REALLY want to have my computer be used as a worker node for us. Thanks a lot for your information, namaste