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  1. Animal Sanctuary in La Mision

    Thank you Kooshikoo and Andreas for your support for my friend Susan in Mexico. She is also a naturopathic doctor in the US but got overwhelmed taking care of animals. She does all that with about $500 social security. She uses a lot of homeopathic remedies for her animals. I created many for her with my subtle energy machine too. She also loves to use sounds as her cats are kind of "addicted" to it. She needs a new place to live, to move. A place that is safe and where she and the animals are happy. Now she lives in a tiny hut with about 30 dogs and 20 cats. The dogs and cats can go outside. If you do not know Mexico, there are many roaming dogs and they often just kill what they can find. It happened to many of my outside cats. She is also on steemit but had no time and energy yet to be active. Thank you for your understanding and support. She also considers moving back to the US.
  2. My dear friend Susan in La Mision in Mexico is a naturopathic doctor and has been taking care of animals for many years, from horses, dogs, cats to a bird and raccoons. Some find her like the bird and the raccons, others get "dumped" in front of her gate and many she sees that they need help, that they are either too old and sick and not wanted. She uses homeopathic medicine, natural medicine, allopathic medicine and much love and care. She has been overwhelmed for years and really needs help. She does all that on a very limited income. Therefore I want to give her my first AR.
  3. I still cannot send any messages here in the forum. Can you please check that. Thank you!

  4. Congratulations and Thank You very much for the Bounty!
  5. Thank you very much!
  6. I have 6 TQs my steemit name is siriusgaia my VIVA ID is 1246080579177146429 Thank you!
  7. Willkommen! :) Wer spricht hier Deutsch?!

    Hallo, Ich bin deutschsprachig. Ich komme aus Österreich, doch ich habe in vielen Ländern gewohnt. Die letzten Jahre war ich viel in Mexiko, den USA und in Österreich. Das wunderbare ist, dass ich hier in Mexico Dawn, Alec und William kennengelernt habe und durch sie die Vivaconomy. Ich bin sehr gespannt und hoffnungsvoll wie sich alles entwickelt.
  8. Willkommen! :) Wer spricht hier Deutsch?!

    Andreas, Ich verstehe, dass Deine Erwartungen sehr hoch sind und dass alles etwas mehr Zeit braucht als gedacht. Ich freue mich immer, das ich von meinen TQ etwas bekomme, dass ich VIP von der Crown bekomme etc. Ich sehe es als langfristig und hoffe, dass die Vivaconomy wunderbar wird. "Gut Ding braucht Weil" wie man so sagt.
  9. How to? Introduce someone new to VIVA

    I joined with a gmail address.