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  1. Hi @aunt-deb you're here! Have you got a sec to test something out for me?

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    2. aunt-deb


      Oh, cool! Just joined - looks like I have some reading to do!


      Doing well - enjoying a rare day off. How're you?

    3. Meredith


      I'm beat! LOL

      I did about 7 loads of laundry, catching up with discussions on Discord. Trying to herd the Crown Holders off Basecamp and onto this forum...and I still have some writing to do! I missed my daily post on Steemit...because on top of everything else I decided NaNoWriMo was a good idea. ha! INSANITY.

    4. aunt-deb


      Ahhh, so a typical day for you... O.o  xD


      Goof! :P





  2. The following three links take you to the genesis of this ambitious project. Calling All Homesteaders... Calling All Homesteaders... (cont'd) Calling All Homesteaders... (conclusion) Your thoughts and suggestions are encouraged!
  3. Clubs

    I just set up a Club and would appreciate any tips on how to best use this option. Thanks in advance for the reply!
  4. Hi mere!


    Site's looking good!


    1. aunt-deb


      Question...  Can I invite folks from the Steemit Homesteaders community to join? They're asking about VIVA progress. This place would be perfect to point them to.

    2. Meredith


      Yes, absolutely! It's open to the public and we're trying to make this a destination for anyone who wants to learn about VIVA, crypto, or just socialize with some cool people. :D

    3. aunt-deb


      Cool beans! I'm about to turn the link loose in a Town Hall I'm hosting on Steemit.


      Oh, and of course there are cool people here. You're proof of that!