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  1. Basecamp Posts

    Can anyone mirror some important Basecamp posts here? I've been banned (by Dawn presumably) and as a holder of multiple Crowns, I feel a bit out of the loop.
  2. Tradeqwik Scam

    Thoughts on this? Q/A going on right now.
  3. VIVA Assets Offer

    Updated after some sales: 4 VIVA Crowns (Would need to be part of whole account transfer) 1 TR 1181 VIP 13 TQS
  4. VIVA Assets Offer

    For various and sundry reasons, I need to liquidate my account. I am offering the following for sale OTC. I can sell them off TQ for under the peg without affecting the VIVAconomy. Any and all offers will be considered. Don't feel afraid to lowball me. 4 VIVA Crowns 1 TR 1181 VIP 17 TQS I made a post on discord and was told by @Joe that I could post this here as well. The best way to contact me is on Discord (@nepd)
  5. HairShares

    What a great tribute.
  6. HairShares

    The nomination is much appreciated @Meredith! Can't wait to see you and @lexikon082 get out the scissors! If anyone has any questions on the Hairshares Project, let me know.