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  1. Is whiskey in my coffee a bad thing...

    I'm not one to judge; I say Go For It!
  2. What is TradeQwik.Eth?

    I will also pledge 20 VIVA toward the goal.
  3. Hi @Meredith! Moving is draining. I hope you can soon kick back, relax and enjoy your new place! There are questions regarding VSS and I have not counted any that people have emailed me about, in my preliminary count of interest in pledging VIP to the MMM Mint project. It is possible that the 876,000 VIP requirement is an initial threshold to open a Mint and not necessarily an ongoing thing, but I don't know for sure. Hi @KinToAllBeings! I will give my opinions to your questions. I don't think businesses that use the services of VIVA Mints require a Viva mandated minimum amount of Viva or other capital. These businesses will attempt to use Mints for some financial services and it will be up to the Mints to decide what to offer the businesses that they transact with. I don't think VSS is required to run a business. I don't even think it is required to run a Mint, but it has certain advantages over other hosting options. A business has many hosting options if they need to operate a website, and they should consider VSS along with others such as GoDaddy, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc. I'm not sure if 1 Crown is required to run a Viva related business, although it may be the case. I know a Crown is required to run a Mint. You are not alone in having many questions! This is a new and comprehensive system which really has lots of facets. We're lucky to have such a nice group of people involved in Viva who try to share what they know. Together, we'll work out the details and build something great!
  4. VSS Tokens: What Are They?

    I'm very interested in getting one or more VSS but these are good questions and I would like to know the answers!
  5. Regarding the math of how many VSS one would need to start a Mint: I believe William clarified this tonight a bit in the trollbox. One would need 8760 VSS to satisfy the 876,000 VIP requirement to be a Mint because each VSS qualifies as 100 VIP.