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  1. What is TradeQwik.Eth?

    @Sherry D When P2P goes live on TQ, it would be nice to have this forum as a record of pledged donations. Make a pledge and when P2P goes live...we will be able to know how close we are towards the goal of a crown. I will pledge the address and 20 VIVA towards the goal. <----That is my pledge
  2. Veterans Day 2017

    @phoenixmaid It's great to read that you will be doing something nice for someone this weekend. It's really why I share these actions, to hopefully inspire others to do the same. Makes me smile to know that the goal was met. I had no idea it was called Remembrance Day in the UK. Yes, the babies are growing very quickly. @JTStreetman I do like the "not enough" saying. I will have to remember that one.The few ppl I told we were going to be stacking and splitting never showed. The two people who did show, were not even asked...they just showed up and started helping. I need to call them and see how they are doing because I personally went to bed about 4pm, got up and ate around 8pm and went back to bed at 9pm for another 12 hours, lol. Is is possible to trade in my 2017 current model for the for the 2007 model?
  3. Veterans Day 2017

    Have fun painting. We just finished cutting the wood for the neighbor lady. My wife's parents came and donated 5 hours of their time to help slit and stack wood. Splitting seven rick of wood is no small feat. Thank goodness they came and helped me. Glad to get it done for the neighbor though. Hope it brightened up her a day a little. Now, I may go inside and take a nap lol.
  4. What is TradeQwik.Eth?

    Tradeqwik.eth is a decentralized swarm domain worth a million ,easy, in 20 years. And on on the flipside. You get in on a Viva Crown while the software is Cheap as #!
  5. What is TradeQwik.Eth?

    dECENTRALIZED internet domAIN NAME HAS Been hijacked. Tradeqwik.eth. Pledge Viva to buy a non crownholder a crown. P2p. #Viva #Vivaconomy. Will give domain to @joe for one crown. Would like the crown holder to be @JTStreetman
  6. Veterans Day 2017

    Cutting wood for the neighbor on Veterans Day 2017. Pictures to follow in a few days. #Veterans Day
  7. HairShares

    The hair will come. I am imagining around March for proper length. One year anniversary of Dennis's cancer demise.