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  1. Tradeqwik has a dubious unprecedented policy

    What happens when there are only 2 of the coin on the order book and I place an order for 2? In a system which did profit sharing on the buying currency instead of the bought currency, there is never this problem. This is especially serious when buying Crowns... because you need a whole crown to be considered a crownholder. If there is only 1 crown on the market and charge some fee in crowns instead of what the person is buying in, then you have a serious problem.
  2. Tradeqwik has a dubious unprecedented policy

    As you can see from the Discord dialog, cryptomancer doesnt like it either. It should show something like "net coin to purchaser = 1.99" and this value should be automatically updated as I change my order amount.
  3. Tradeqwik has a dubious unprecedented policy

    Meredith, fees are charged in what you use to buy the currency, not the currency you are buying. Imagine if you went to the store for a loaf of bread. They might charge you a sales tax in the same currency you paid with, but they would not open up your loaf of bread and take out a slice and distribute it to all the shareholders of the convenience store. If I pay a certain amount of VIVA for 2 ENRIQOIN, then I expect and demand 2 ENRIQOIN. Every crypto exchange on Planet Earth honors this, BUT TradeQwik. If they want to charge me additional VIVA for my 2 ENRIQOIN, then fine, that is standard practice. The current fee assessment is error prone. Instead of the user interface allowing you to say: "give me what I want" you have to say "give me what I want... oh and let me tell it what I want by doing some addition and subtraction"... one goal of VIVAconomy was to make crypto more approachable. And forcing people to do small mental addition calculations (that no other exchange on Planet Earth does) is making things harder not easier.
  4. Tradeqwik has a dubious unprecedented policy

    I purchased 2 ENRIQOIN as this shows. My account holds 1.99 ENRIQOIN as this shows. William saw my comment in the trollbox about this and thought it was OK that the exchange took my holdings and gave them to TQS and VIP holders as this shows.
  5. If I pay for 2 units of something and the order fills, I expect those 2 units in my account and to be assessed any fees associated with the purchase. I do not like the current practice of taking some of my purchase and distributing it to others based on how many TQS they hold: if you want to give them some of the fees associated with the purchase, then that is fine. But don't take what I bought from me.