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  1. Nominating people

    I'm going to give an AR to @JTStreetman as well. We didn't have much personal conversations, but as what I have seen in the chats, he's a very nice man and deserves an AR!
  2. I think multiple persons should start a mint together, but everyone can run his own business on this mint. For example person x and person y start a mint, but x runs business a and y business b, they have their own business just utilize one mint for it.
  3. Did you dress your pet up for Halloween?

    I dressed my cat up as John Cena
  4. I completely forgot that, a nice surprise^^. Thank you!
  5. Willkommen! :) Wer spricht hier Deutsch?!

    Ja ich sehe es ähnlich, habe zwar momentan kein Bedrängen, mein Geld aus VIVA rauszuholen, ist aber schon ziemlich frustrierend, dass sich Alles so hinauszögert. Ich kann sehr gut verstehen, dass die ganzen Projekte Zeit benötigen, aber es ist wirklich besorgniserregend, wenn angekündigt wird, dass dies oder das in den nächsten Tagen verfügbar sein wird und es dann aber noch Wochen dauert. Ich bin seit fast einem Jahr dabei, deshalb habe ein gewisses Vertrauen gegenüber dem Team, aber als neuer User, sieht das sicher anders aus...
  6. I also think that, imo most of them are just created because of the hype around the ICOs. Most of them don't have any products or value, they are just some ideas or a whitepaper. Today virtually everyone can create his own ICO and raise millions through it. I think maybe only a dozen of the currently running or currently finished ICOs will have a future.
  7. What should we call our new forum?

    Yes Vivacity is a very nice idea!
  8. Willkommen! :) Wer spricht hier Deutsch?!

    Hi! Ich bin deutschsprachig. Freue mich ebenfalls auf prall gefülltes Forum :).
  9. Votabit is a proposed standard for eVoting systems that harnesses the power of the Ultraledger blockchain technology. It allows for individuals to verify that their vote has been counted while at the same time it ensuring strict voter anonymity. As democracies become more and more dependent on technology it is essential that voting systems be reliable and tamperproof. This is what Votabit brings to the table. So it is (or will be) a voting system based on the VIVA blockchain. (You can find this on the vivaco.in homepage)
  10. Are worker nodes like mining?

    The VIVA FAQ says following: So you just need your computer and an internet connection. The worker nodes aren't currently released, so this information is just for the future. More informations is here: https://vivaco.in/faqs/
  11. So the Catalonian parliament finally declared the independency from spain. UK and Germany already refused to recognise the declaration. The Spanish government wants to take autonomic rights from the Catalonian parliament using article 155 of the Spanish constitution. The EUR/USD dropped by ~ 5 Cents, and Catalonia's two main banks took major knocks, with Sabadell losing nearly 5 per cent and Caixabank, Spain's third largest, dropping 3 per cent. I think the conflict may escalate further, if the Catalonian parliament really loose some of their rights. Radical poeple could start using violence. What do you think will happen the next days/weeks?
  12. What's your favorite quote?

    "And if we are now busy defending our lives, are they going to take away our sausage? What choice do we have? Between sausage and life. We choose life." (Translated from German: Und wenn wir uns jetzt damit beschäftigen, unser Leben zu verteidigen, will man uns dafür dann die Wurst wegnehmen? Was für eine Wahl haben wir? Zwischen Wurst und Leben. Wir wählen das Leben.) - Vladimir Vladimirowitsch Putin In this context "sausage" means that you have good economically circumstances and life means that you can enjoy your life and live it how you want. I love this quote because I would rather live in a country or in a community that I enjoy, than in one where I can't fulfill my dreams, but have money or "sausages" instead. That's why I love cryptocurrencies: Yes sometimes you have liquidity problems or the price of your favourite currency drops, but it's better than having a centralised currency and banks that can print as much money as they want and destroy the economy thereby. PS. I would prefer living in relatively poor country like Russia, than in a country with dumb laws and where everything is controlled and regulated by the government like it is in Germany.
  13. @okean123 I love your new avatar! B|

    1. okean123


      Haha, thank you! I made it using the editor you suggested ;)

  14. What should we call our new forum?

    How about 'VIVAgora' ? The central meeting- and trading place in ancient greeks cities was named Agora.