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  1. Nominating people

    I'm glad we get ARs every 90 days! So many folks to contribute to. Agreed on @JTStreetman! I also would nominate @Meredith and @Sherry D. They have worked tirelessly to help make Viva grow. Meeting these two powerful and endlessly kind women has been a pleasure. I do know know their full stories, yet they have shared about their families, medical challenges, shelter, etc. Despite their full plate personal lives, they forge on, supporting and working for Viva's success! Thank you two for everything! Please, tell your stories or contact me and I'll fact check and get your permission before I add your stories! This means you too @JTStreetman!
  2. @kenny-crane and @Meredith Thank you very much! It's starting to make sense piece by piece. It is quite awesome! It really is an awesome group of people gathering around Viva! Very grateful to have been introduced.
  3. Your opinion wanted: Collaborative work spaces

    A place to bounce ideas off of others I think would be beneficial. But I agree that it would be quite distracting if trying to work in a space like that.
  4. Btw this is StephaniePrice on BC and Discord. With a larger growing forum decided I'd rather use a screen name.
  5. Congratulations on your new home @Meredith! I hope the move is going as smoothly as possible. Moves are a pain no matter what, nevermind while tackling all this! Please don't feel need to respond, only wanted to post while I held it in my brain. Trying to understand the VSS thing brought up many questions: Do small 'mom and pop' businesses require certain Viva mandated capital? Viva mandated specifically. Of course businesses require capital. Question here is that number Viva mandated or self mandated based on our personal knowledge of the business we choose to run. Also is a VSS required to run on the chain? Or is it still a 1 crown requirement to start a business? Is the VSS a cheap way for larger businesses to run? Or are we speaking of any businesses' web site operating on the chain? Until we get straight answers will this offer be open and available? William is very smart and knowledgable and often his explanations come from a place of assuming his audience has a certain background knowledge. Where most of us do not and thus we are lost. Even if we know how basic tech things work (with fully tech-savvy folks understanding much more), Viva is still run in a very different way. Goggle isn't of much help here...lol. never mind that blockchain is such a new technology, with the hyperledger fabric being even newer/more rare, there is not much research that can be done on the internet to make up the knowlege deficit. Especially anything in layman's terms. This project is not simple. Although I understand it is to William (he created lots of this brilliant idea!) and thus that language is used. Blockchain is not simple. Crypto trading, investing, etc is not simple. Starting a brick and mortar business is not simple. Starting a blog on the regular internet is pretty simple...hello WordPress! Yet not for all I would have to assume but at least there are a million 'how to start a blog" articles that make learning to start a blog a mear afternoon of research to get it off the ground. Sorry for the book. I felt the entire background explanation was needed. Thank you Viva crew and fellow Crown holders for the patience and kindness used in explaining these processes to other Crownholders. What a crazy ride!