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Meredith    124


We have finished the gateway token confirmations and currently testing the audit consulting tool on a private server. We expect to move it to a TradeQwik or VIVA server and make the tool available to the public within two weeks.

image source

So here are some quick numbers:

Of all the gateway transactions, only 325 could not be confirmed; 515 appeared in TradeQwik as NULL. We are trying to trace these but they are transactions that never made it to the blockchain. There are 840 manual transactions which still need to be confirmed.


Sherry is diligently working on matching our gathered information to cross reference with the manual transactions. It may boil down to individual audits which appears to affect a small group of people and not blanketed across all accounts in the TQ exchange. She is also taking a preliminary look at the larger TQ accounts.


We must implicitly state that we expect some discrepancies between our findings and what your records may show. In Sherry's words, “It happens in every audit.”


Our findings also include the following: By taking the absolute value of the difference (in USD) between balance and audited balance, here is the distribution.

total_range count
A. Over $50K 15
B. $10K to $50K 20
C. $5K to $10K 12
D. $1K to $5K 31
E. $1 to $1K 702
F. less than $1 477

There are only 78 accounts with a difference of over $1K
We expect this number to drop significantly after manual transaction confirmations.


Once the consulting tool is ready to publicly launch we will begin posting next steps, laying out a roadmap and milestones we wish to achieve moving forward.


Our audit updates will now be limited to announcing the availability of the consulting tool and other audit milestones. From Sherry, Dennis, and I, we are thankful for your patience through this process.


Best regards from the audit team,

Meredith Loughran (meredith@mjloughran.com)
Sherry Dunham (sherrydunham@protonmail.com)
Dennis Lewis (dhlewis@greenlight.digital)

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